Why We Need Michael Del Rosso in Congress

MG_SchumacherI write this as a resident of Fauquier County in the 5th District, and as a delegate to the convention. I had the privilege and honor of serving America in uniform for 37 years, retiring almost five years ago from my last job as the Deputy Director of Intelligence on the Army Staff at the Pentagon. It was my honor to serve with men and women in uniform, and dedicated civilians and contractors, who selflessly commit themselves to serve our Nation and are willing to die for it in that service.

America is the greatest nation – the greatest beacon of freedom and opportunity – that the world has ever known. We are unique in human history in that our citizens voted on how they would be governed – of the people, by the people, and for the people. But America is in a very dangerous place today. There is consensus among senior leaders in defense and intelligence that this is the most dangerous security environment since World War II, compounded by the multiplicity of threats, our global connectedness, and uncertainty of adversary intentions.

The world is no longer a bi-polar, nuclear superpower world. It is a world where nuclear weapons have proliferated, and, thanks to the US-backed Iran nuclear deal, will virtually guarantee both a nuclear Iran and a nuclear arms race in the Gulf States. The threat from radical Islamic jihadists intent on establishing a Caliphate, both through subversion and kinetic means, is both real and under appreciated, especially among our elected officials who we expect to protect us.

On top of the multiple threats, both external and internal, we have lost a national consensus about the idea of America as set forth in our Founding Principles. Indeed, liberal Progressives are pushing us toward a consensus that those precious principles and our Constitution are outdated, and that American values have devolved to supporting everyone and tolerating everything.

Our economic situation is a disaster for our national security. We are $19 trillion in debt. We are printing or borrowing $256 billion per month for essentially operating expenses. We have 94 million Americans who should be in the workforce, but who are not. We have a President fully engaged in “fundamentally transforming America” to an America that our Founders, who gave us the gifts of the Declaration of Independence and our Constitution, would scarcely recognize. If we go another 8 years down this current path, it is an America those of us over 50 will no longer recognize.

It is for all of these reasons, and particularly the security threats we face, that we need Michael J. Del Rosso to become our next Congressman from the 5th District of the Commonwealth. While Michael is very much in tune with issues confronting the 5th District, more than ever before, we need members of Congress who, in addition to representing their districts, are prepared from day one to re-energize the Congress to fulfill its Constitutional duty to protect the country from all enemies, foreign and domestic.

There are four primary reasons I support Michael.

The first of these is the breadth and depth of his knowledge. I first met Michael last August when he gave a presentation about national security threats and our country’s deviation from Founding Principles. Despite being a member of the intelligence community for decades, Michael provided facts that connected dots for me I was previously unaware of, particularly in the subversive threat posed by the Muslim Brotherhood, and its penetration of our culture and the halls of power. The Nation needs Michael in Congress, both to educate his fellow Congressmen, and to use that forum to better educate the American people.

Second is Michael’s arsenal of professional contacts. While I focus on those related to national security, his colleagues run the gamut of expertise on Founding Principles, the Constitution, economics, education and more. Many of these he has collaborated on books with. They all represent a team who are loyal to him, and will help him prepare tools and action plans to protect our country and reclaim its greatness.

The third reason we need him is to be a catalyst for action. To meet Michael, and to hear him speak, is to feel the depth of his sense of urgency for the peril of our situation, and his passion to do whatever it takes to bring us back from the precipice. His is an urgency born, not from reading a book or hearing a talk, but from decades of study, observation, and working to inform lawmakers and other decision makers. I’ve heard all of his opponents speak, and read their qualifications. They all appear to be committed men with a desire to serve. But I’m convinced none of them can bring the depth of understanding and ability to persuade on day one that Michael can.

The final, and most important reason that I support Michael, is his character. He is a man of deep Christian faith, and he possesses the strength, courage and vitality to fight tirelessly for the American people. There is no doubt that what Michael says he will do, he will do. He is among the most uncommon men and as dedicated a patriot I’ve had the privilege to serve with or to call my friend. God has truly prepared him “for such a time as this.”

I count it an honor and privilege to wholeheartedly endorse my friend and true patriot, Michael J. Del Rosso, to be our next representative from the 5th District.
Gregory A. Schumacher                                                                                                                                             Major General, U.S. Army, Retired



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  1. Gerard J. Schmidt Reply

    May 12, 2016 at 10:09 am

    I TOTALY AGREE! Based on my Army experience,RA12524426 and having Been elected three terms as a Conservative Party Committee man in New York before moving to Virginia I thing experience outweighs money & connections

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