A sad, dishonest characterization for political purposes

Leslie Cheek of Warrenton — a recent and controversial addition to the Fauquier County Republican Committee — doesn’t like “property rights advocates,” as evidenced by his frequent attacks in letters run by the Fauquier Times on people who do believe in property rights.

His latest attack is aimed at Kate Warzinksi, a candidate for county supervisor for the Marshall District. Unfortunately, Mr. Cheek concocts from whole cloth Ms. Warzinksi’s positions, and attempts to smear her by falsely linking her to criticisms of conservation easements, which are used rather widely in Fauquier County.

kate warzinskiPeople in Marshall who don’t know Kate Warzinski will have the opportunity to meet this gracious and energetic family nurse practitioner. Her campaign is centered on serving the people by improving our schools and public safety, and keeping taxes low. Kate’s a committed conservationist who will preserve Fauquier County’s prized agricultural heritage while also creating better economic opportunities for its citizens, especially young people who wish to stay in their cherished home county rather than having to move away for jobs. Ms. Warzinski isn’t running for office because she’s bored. Kate served as president for the Mountain Vista Governor’s School for two years, and is currently an officer for the Marshall Ruritan Club. She’s a member of the Fauquier County High School Parent Advisory Committee and the Fauquier County Public School Nutrition Advisory Council. She also volunteers with the Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute. Kate is also active in a program that generates healthy food for some of our county’s less fortunate school kids.

Kate cares about this community. She wants her children and the other young people from Fauquier to have a future here, and not be economically stifled and snuffed out by a few people who can’t seem to grasp simple concepts of maintaining our rural nature while still having sustainable, good-paying jobs in the county.

If Fauquier becomes a DC commuter community just so that people can afford to live here, that won’t do much to preserve our rural heritage, the clean vistas, and a happy, family environment for young people.

People like Kate who work and live in the county have the greatest vested interest in its welfare. Mr. Cheek’s attack on this caring conservationist, mother, health expert, and community volunteer is done for political purposes, and is not honest.

I can’t wait for people to meet Kate Warzinksi as she campaigns. In the mean time, try to ignore the boors.

P.S.  While writers at Fauquier Free Citizen have done a better job than other local newspapers exposing flaws of conservation easements, and how their users are subsidized by others, Ms. Warzinski has never criticized these easements.

According to Ms. Warzinksi, she has “never criticized conservation easements or [the PDR program].” She has “discussed the dilemma of agricultural vs. open space designation of land use taxed at the same rate.  This is often a disincentive for landowners to permit agricultural use of their property by neighboring farmers since it is easier to let land lie fallow than to have a farmer work it, put cattle on it. [She has] stated that we need to support working farms and wineries.” These two articles at Fauquier Now reflect her views:



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