Action Alert – Comment to VA State Board of Education Regarding Sensitive Language in Texts!

Virginia_Dept_of_Education_logoAre you aware that the Virginia State Board of Education is soliciting comments on controversial text in the schools, and whether or not parents should be able to opt their child out of exposure to such materials?

If you are a parent concerned about the material presented in your school system, then this is an Emergency. The State Board of Education’s Comment Period is Half Over!

Only 8 Concerned Parents Have Been in Favor of Allowing Parents to Opt Their Children Out of having to read sensitive or controversial Language.

All the other 160 comments are from teachers who say they can’t handle sending multiple notices to parents regarding content.

Please Comment Now. Let the State Board of Education Know parents need the opt-out tool.

You can weigh in and help define what is “sensitive or controversial” language and materials in our schools. All the teachers need is a general definition so they can send a notice at the beginning of the year.

Remember, the regulation has not been written yet. The State Board of Education is seeking input to help them write it. If you are concerned about this issue, then please go to the website below and weigh in with your comments.
Here’s the intent:
The amendment to existing law would require local divisions to include, in their procedures for handling challenged materials, reasonable advance notice to parents and students of the intended use of controversial materials, as well as provisions for alternative materials upon request; a parental right to opt-out.

Posted on Virginia Town Hall for Public Comment; please add your Comments!

View more information and enter comments HERE.



One Response to Action Alert – Comment to VA State Board of Education Regarding Sensitive Language in Texts!

  1. Frederick Costello Reply

    January 3, 2014 at 12:37 pm

    We need someone to review the books — someone who has high moral standards.

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