Additional Public Hearing Scheduled on Fauquier County Budget

Due to an error in the announced meeting schedule for the Fauquier County budget process, the Supervisors have issued a new schedule which will extend the process, and provide for an additional public hearing to insure that all citizens have the opportunity to comment if they choose.

Judging by the turn out last night, March 19th at Warrenton Middle School, either the confusion was great or not that many people are really interested in the budget this year.

I would estimate the turn out to be about 50 or so, and only about a dozen people commented.

Chairman Trumbo announced the change to the schedule at the end of the hearing, and assured everyone that they would have a chance to comment if they wished.

The next public hearing is scheduled for 7 pm, 4 April at the Warren Green Building, 10 Hotel Street in Warrenton.

The complete schedule is below:

March 21 (Thursday) 2 PM – Board Work Session at Warren Green Meeting Room -Mark Up/Mark Down

March 26 (Tuesday) – Cancelled

April 4 (Thursday) 7 PM – Budget/CIP/Tax Rate Public Hearing at the Warren Green Meeting Room

April 11 (Thursday) 6:30 PM – Board Regular Meeting at the Warren Green Meeting Room to include adoption of Budget/CIP/Tax Rates

Please come out and make your thoughts known.



3 Responses to Additional Public Hearing Scheduled on Fauquier County Budget

  1. Scamperis Reply

    March 20, 2013 at 5:10 pm

    The C.A.F.R. holds the secret !!! Ignorance among the people is the step-stool to despotism !! William Blackstone Do your home work. The second set of books is The Comprehensive Annual Finance Report Dont be fooled !!

    • jcivitas Reply

      March 21, 2013 at 7:37 am

      We would welcome an article from you about the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report. You have cited this document several times as the source of the real truth about our county government. Please enlighten us, and I am being serious here. If you have insight into the truth about our county finances, then by all means send us an article at editor@fauquierfreecitizen.

      We welcome and will post the views of anyone, on any subject that affects the citizens of Fauquier as long as it is civil. As we have said before, both sides are welcome to the debate, for it cannot BE a debate without two sides. So please send us your news and opinions.


      • Scamperis Reply

        March 21, 2013 at 11:26 am

        I mention it often because it holds the info. that will in most cases show a return on investments of tax payer money to be four to four hundred times the Town or County “Budget” learn about bonds, assets (hard) and liquid. Learn about so called “rainy day funds” retirement funds, future debt and accounts, how they are labeled, nomenclature only those in the know understand. starches of available money hiding in accounts and expenditures no taxpayer would accept if they knew. And guess what it is publicly posted, has to be by state law, right in the Library and even on line but you wont understand it and 97% of the Town or County employees and or citizens have never heard of it. Go over to the Library on Winchester St. and ask for the copy. I have done it and YOU can as well. It is the main reason I have relocated to another smaller town. Fauquier is very wealthy on the backs of the taxpayer. I can and will send you some key web sites that can get you started on an incredible adventure to learn just how corrupt your government really is. There is a Gentlemen who lives in Warrenton who s an expert on the content of the C.A.F.R. it would be worth it to have him speak to the town Council and County Supervisors as I am doing here in this town. Contact me for more info. if you truly want Transparency in your local government finances. It is not easy and its complicated but, It Can Be Done !!!!!

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