Appeal Shows Fauquier GOP Chairman Needs to Keep Better Company

As The Bull Elephant reports, “Fauquier Canvass Overturned by 1st District Committee.”

Appellant Cam Jones provided ample evidence that the March canvass filling the Fauquier GOP Committee seats was so filled with shenanigans that another election is needed.

It is sad that this process, as politically charged as it has been, should be footnoted with some bush-league ugliness directed at Jones and others.

Following the canvass, Supervisor Holder Trumbo, a supporter of Scott Russell for GOP chairman, went on an embarrassing Facebook rant that received national attention, calling Fauquier residents “freaks,” who are “in for a pretty rough ride,” and “will need their Kevlar.”

Mr. Trumbo has yet to be reprimanded officially by his Board of Supervisor colleagues or the Fauquier GOP Committee. This now reflects more poorly on those bodies than it does on Mr. Trumbo, who at least made an apology at one BoS meeting.

We trust that Cam Jones will publish the full contents of his appeal so that all may see the troubling nature of what went on in the Fauquier County canvas, or as it is now called, the “Mississippi of Virginia.”

Jones first presented his appeal about the canvas to the Fauquier GOP. It was dismissed by Committee insiders as “without merit.” Immediately, and catching Jones off guard with its brazenness and hostility, someone made the tactless motion to have Jones removed from the Committee.

Bad form, fellas.

The chairmanship winner Scott Russell attended Jones’ appeal hearing before the 1st District in Middlesex County. Jessica Swan, whose email provided ample evidence of the corrupted process of the election that was overturned, sat with Russell.

As Jones’ appeal shows, Ms. Swan was running for the GOP Committee yet made calls for non-Republicans to vote. She sent out an email stating:

“I’m asking for your help in achieving that goal. You do not need to be a Republican. Democrats, Progressives, Independents, Libertarians – all registered voters in Fauquier County are welcome to vote in the Fauquier County Republican Canvass on March 22nd, 2014 at the Warrenton Community Center, from 9am -2pm at 430 East Shirley Avenue (near the Wal-Mart). You must show proper identification; to ensure only Fauquier County residents are voting in this election.”

Ms. Swan’s email made several unseemly, overstated and even false comments consistent with her antipathy about the Boneta Bill and efforts led from Fauquier County to free farmers from needless, intrusive and burdensome over-regulation. As Ms. Swan expressed to The Fauquier Times: “I encourage the working group to reject the efforts of poorly informed activists using specious property rights arguments to pursue a political agenda.”

Poorly informed. Specious. Ouch! Bad form, too, ma’am.

The fact that Scott Russell brought Ms. Swan to the appeals hearing as his proxy seems to indicate his approval of her tactics. But that also led to more acerbic comments from Ms. Swan. At the hearing, Swan confronted Martha Boneta and chided her for not being a “conservative.”

This attack on Virginia’s farm freedom darling from the person urging Democrats to vote in her GOP Committee election is poor judgment, at best.

Actually, it’s unbecoming.

Ms. Boneta also received a disgusting comment from another Fauquier GOP Committee member present at the hearing about being “on her knees.” Ms. Boneta had the grace not to punch the Jerk.

We know that Mr. Russell does not condone that type of behavior, and we’ll give him time to sort things out and ensure that appropriate apologies are made to Ms. Boneta.

Mr. Russell, however, sure has some awful allies.



13 Responses to Appeal Shows Fauquier GOP Chairman Needs to Keep Better Company

  1. Anton Afterwit Reply

    September 3, 2014 at 6:27 pm

    I step away from the computer for a few weeks to take care of family and I see the craziness has not changed. Two BOS members claiming to be an R when they act like a D. Attacking the Conservative Republican base in Fauquier to make sure they eliminate anyone who believes in personal property rights. Exacting revenge as required by their PEC masters. Truly sad.

    So Ed Gillespie is following the path of Eric Cantor, ignore the Conservative base and expect to win. And I see Mr. Hurt is also following the same path. Hopefully we will not see Mr. Webert do the same.

    I am not sure why people who want to represent a party comprised of a majority of Conservatives and then do all they can to insult, disenfranchise, and alienate that same base. I am not sure how long they think they can keep it up, but if you look at the history of the Republican Party you will see this same tactic has happened several times and has come close to ending the Republican Party as a viable entity. The TEA Party should have been a wakeup call of how the Republican Party needs to build a coalition of membership just like many conservative parties in other countries.

    Time for a change and for me that means joining the “throw the bums out” campaign. While I cannot in good consciousness lend support to anyone but a Republican, I also cannot support the current leadership who are acting just like the dems. And you might want to start polling a little better on your own base. I have been talking to many of my friends and they are feeling the same way. You might want to start paying attention and learn that those with money are not going to help you get elected. Learn from the defeat of Eric Cantor.

  2. Dominic Ruibal Reply

    July 6, 2014 at 9:03 am

    All of this is ridiculous. If you don’t want democrats voting in your elections make it so that only registered republicans can. Otherwise you have no right to complain. Besides how many progressives do you really think went and took off work on a weekday to drive to Warrenton to vote for Republicans? I can assure the number would not have swayed the election. As for personal attacks, this publication and the people who side with it have no right to complain about it when all I read is personal attacks. Hypocrisy at it’s best. And finally, the Boneta issue. It’s really hard to argue that the case was not exploited by this website, other conservative media, republican state legislators, and Mr. Jones’s camp as a means to sow division and create a bogeyman to fight. If it were such an assault on freedom to enforce local zoning laws, then the entire concept of zoning laws should have been a target. Yet instead you created a law that gives preferential treatment to agricultural entities to sell things they have not produced while still requiring every other commercial business in the state to abide by the old rules. So you are ok with having a storekeeper in Marshall have to abide by local zoning rules and have a license and whatnot to sell products he did not make but someone on a farm three miles down the road can sell anything they want and engage in any kind of activities without having to do so? Does not seem fair to me. While I don’t have a problem with the Boneta bill and Martha is a very sweet, kind person she was never prevented from selling her wares on her farm. She was prevented from selling other peoples’ wares on her farm. There’s a difference. If people are allowed sell whatever they want everyone should be allowed, not just those zoned agricultural. The entire issue was blown out of proportion and exploited by people like this publication and Cameron Jones as a means to a political end. Stop trying to divide people and make it about the actual issues, not some moronic cat fight with no end in sight. Put your damn pitchforks down and try to come up real solutions to problems instead beating your chest and accusing others of ideological impurity and unsubstantiated corruption.

  3. A Bit Left of Obama Reply

    July 2, 2014 at 6:12 pm

    Music to my ears Happy Fauquier Democrat!

  4. A Happy Fauquier Democrat Reply

    July 1, 2014 at 6:20 pm

    Thank you Fauquier GOP’ers! Please keep fighting amongst yourselves while we re-elect Senator Warner, reclaim the 5th District House seat and return a Democrat to the former House Majority Leaders seat. We will also be happy to take a few BOS seats next year while you’re calling each other names and proving to each other who is more conservative.

    We have a huge tent over here, so if you’re sick of being called names and whatever strange things are afoot in your party come join us!

    • Anton Afterwit Reply

      July 2, 2014 at 2:39 am

      Happy Fauquier Democrat,

      While we may publicly fight and argue about principles and misbehavior by individuals within the Republican Party, when it comes time for the election you will see people rally behind the candidate.

      As for the democrat campaign to re-elect democrat Senator Mark Warner, good luck with that. I am sure the voters will remember that among the 10 biggest donors to his campaign since 2008 are JP Morgan Chase, the Blackstone Group and Columbia Capital. BlackRock had never contributed until Warner bought shares in the BlackRock Equity Dividend Fund in 2011. Not to mention his many broken promises that he would not support increased taxes but raised them anyway. Typical tax and spend democrat.

      As for your hopes to take over the 5th District House seat, while many here are disappointed with the affiliation of Robert Hurt and Eric Cantor and the shenanigans that Eric Cantor was pulling, if they are given a choice between Robert Hurt and a democrat, they will make sure Robert Hurt gets over 50% of the votes as he did on the last two elections.

      As for your hopes to take a few BOS seats next year, I think again you are going to be disappointed with your losses. You tried that with several attempts to float Independents since you cannot win a BOS seat running as a democrat, and you have failed each time you have tried to get democrats to run as Independents against Republicans.

      You say you have a big tent and if we are tired of being called names we should join you. If you truly are a democrat then you are not going to attract too many here with that falsehood. The democrats in Fauquier proudly call people racists, bigots, whackjobs, wingnuts, among a host of other names. The democrat Party thrives on labeling individuals so they can divide and conquer. The democrat Party has a long and storied racist past against me and my kind. With all that I am not so sure your pitch of a big tent is going to work.

      Your attempts to stifle discussion based on the fact that it will help the democrats is a falsehood. If the Party cannot stand open discussion of the facts and reporting on the actions of the members of the Party, then it is not worth being a member of that Party. Maybe if the democrats were not trying to become members of the Republican Party by using deceit, we would not be having this discussion at all.

    • Mark Fitzgibbons Reply

      July 2, 2014 at 8:24 am

      Happy Dem,

      Thanks for reading FFC.

      There are heated debates about principles within both the Democrat and Republican parties, which is good. So many Americans are dissatisfied with the leadership and abuses of power within both parties.

      Old guard Republicans here in Fauquier County have put the county government in the red, and have recently increased property taxes. They have engaged in favored treatment of some, and discrimination against others. They put our wineries in shackles. They are rough on small businesses, yet schmooze out-of-county businesses to move here (let them be warned in advance!).

      The good-ole-boy network likes their power, but most Fauquier citizens are not happy with how they abuse it.

      For seeking simply the right to farm that harms no one, ordinary citizens have been called names, have had lies told about them, and have been otherwise personally attacked by the good-ole-boy network, which is showing its stripes now that it has been challenged and exposed for what it is.

      Conservatives want the debate with principled Democrats. That’s good for everyone. That’s why we have separate parties.

      Republicans in county government had their chance to fire Kim Johnson for repeatedly abusing her intrusive powers over people’s private property, including political fundraisers on private property. Democrats, Republicans and independents are at her lawless mercy. Also, they had their chance to tell Holder Trumbo that he shouldn’t attack citizens, but have failed in their public duty.

      What’s happening within Fauquier’s GOP is messy, however, it’s long overdue. The debate about the direction of the GOP is good.

  5. Mark Fitzgibbons Reply

    June 30, 2014 at 8:20 am

    The person “Rick Jones,” whose wish to remain anonymous I respect, claims that by quoting Jessie Swan, my article attacks a real Southern Fauquier Family Farmer. That’s a strange definition of “attack.” “Rick Jones” is silent on the rest of the article reporting on inappropriate conduct and statements, perhaps for tacit consent?

    Under Jessie Swan’s view, George Mason and Thomas Jefferson would not qualify as “real farmers,” but would be “crazy property rights whackjobs,” and “crazy winguts.” The brochures of George Washington Carver on using agricultural products for multiple purposes and enabling farmers to attain self sufficiency, would have been banned from sale at Fauquier farms without a special permit.

    The following Jessie Swan post on Delegate Scott Lingamfelter’s Facebook page I believe is what is better defined as an “attack.”

    Jessie Swan: I am the owner/operator of a small diversified farm and OPPOSE this ridiculous and vindictive piece of trash legislation. If it passes you and your crazy property rights whackjobs will destroy agriculture in this state. Until you espoused this crazy cause I was eager to support you in your bid for Lieutenant Governor – you have always been a good friend to sportsmen and I was happy to donate and allow your signs on my land. You have gone off the deep end – really and truly. Everything you have said or written about this bill is a lie, the “story” behind the Bill is a complete fabrication – and this crazy wingnut rhetoric coming out of the GOP is the reason we are getting our butts handed to us at election time. Why don’t you just hand the governorship over to a Democrat and save us the trouble of an election, Scott. You sure are doing your best to ensure a landslide victory for the DNC at the state and federal level. I’m sure Hilary will send you a thank you card from the White House. Way to screw over the people who put the food on your table, Scott.

  6. Rick Jones Reply

    June 29, 2014 at 8:52 pm

    Time for a history lesson my pious friend.

    During the eighteenth century, it was common for writers and journalists to use pseudonyms, or false names, when they created newspaper articles and letters to the editor. Franklin used this convention extensively throughout his life, sometimes to express an idea that might have been considered slanderous or even illegal by the authorities; other times to present two sides of an issue, much like the point-counterpoint style of journalism used today.

    When Franklin used a pseudonym, he often created an entire persona for the “writer.” Sometimes he wrote as a woman, other times as a man, but always with a specific point of view. While all of his writings were focused and logical, many were also humorous, filled with wit and irony. Silence Dogood, Harry Meanwell, Alice Addertongue, Richard Saunders, and Timothy Turnstone were a few of the many pseudonyms Franklin used throughout his career.

    Anthony Afterwit — Franklin created this “gentleman” to provide a humorous look at matrimony and married life from a male point of view. Mr. Afterwit appeared in Franklin’s Pennsylvania Gazette.

    • Anton Afterwit Reply

      June 29, 2014 at 9:21 pm

      Mr. Rick Jones,

      I see you cross posted on multiple sites but forgot what name you used. Let me help you. On the Bull Elephant you used Ben Franklin.

      Don’t confuse me with my brother Anthony. That is an awesome history. I never thought about that. You can let Anthony know through facebook. His link is:

      Once again so worried about my name and so certain I am someone else. Maybe you should just accept it and deal with the discussion instead of everything else.

  7. Anton Afterwit Reply

    June 29, 2014 at 7:57 pm

    Mr. Rick Jones,

    Really! You lost in your nefarious efforts and now you are slinging mud at everyone?

    Why all the personal attacks? If you are really a Russell supporter, then this is the type of people in the Russell camp? Seems more like a tactic of the liberal left than that of a Conservative. Are we seeing the real Scott Russell come out in your posts? Are you echoing the emotions of Mr. Russell?

    You seem so unhinged that you cannot even type correctly. Isn’t your friend’s name Swan and not Swam? And I do not see an attack here, I see reporting of the reality. To be honest, Ms. Swan was overheard at the FCRC meeting at the Community Center that she did not intend for Democrats to vote and it was all the fault of her family and they were the ones who rallied the Democrats to come out and vote. Really! Seems like a liberal Obama tactic that lacks in morals and ethics. All the while having sent out an e-mail inviting Democrats to come vote and then want to blame your family?

    I am disappointed by the behavior of the Russell supporters, especially those who are supposed to be Committee members and behave like liberal left attack dogs with their inappropriate comments. I hope Ms. Boneta will sue that individual for slander for the inappropriate and disgusting comment. Time for some of the Committee members to understand that acting like liberal Democrats has consequences.

    I agree with Mr. Fitzgibbons that all of the behavior being exhibited by the Russell supporters is unbecoming, and I will add that it is unseemly as well. I cannot give Mr. Russell the benefit of the doubt as Mr. Fitzgibbons has done. You are known by the company you keep, and if this is the kind of company that will be working with Mr. Russell on the Committee, we will be a lot better off without them.

  8. Rick Jones Reply

    June 29, 2014 at 5:32 pm

    There you go again Mark, attacking a real southern Fauquier Family Farmer. Swam has worked for farm freedom longer than the 5 minutes of fame you and Martha have created for yourselves. Or should I say the cash cow you have found in this issue for you swanky lobbying firm.

    Your also a hypocrite for slinging arrows at folks who saw the light and became Republicans, seeing as your married to someone just a bit to the left of Obama himself!

    • Time for Fauquier Intervention Reply

      June 30, 2014 at 10:02 am

      @ Rick Jones You and the tribe’s vicious attacks have done nothing but make you lose all credibility and you have lost respect from even people that may have supported you in the past.

      Haven’t you done enough damage to the reputation of Fauquier. Everyone has had enough with the hate, anger and inability to understand that for Fauquier to thrive after all of this scandal, will require making peace and stopping these targeting attacks. Otherwise, this fight will never die and only continue to grow for years to come. Is it really worth it? For what purpose? What have they done to to turn you in to walking hostility that well, makes you come across as unstable? You don’t look well. All that hate inside is not healthy and it is showing “Rick Jones”.

      Unethical, corrupt (many say illegal actions) will be your greatest downfall and has substantial public consequences. This is a different time than what you have become historically accustomed. Social Media and modern technology make it possible to forever identify you as unworthy, vicious and maniacal.

      Like it or not, the shenanigans have to stop. Have you considered that you may be on the wrong side of this one?

  9. Mark is a hypocrite Reply

    June 29, 2014 at 8:17 am

    Mark – if you are going to play the guilt by association game, should we think less of you because you married a liberal Democrat who supports the murder of unborn children?

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