Bloggers Join the Circus

by Rick Buchanan

Last week I published a description of the election here in Warrenton to reconstitute the local branch of the Republican Party, The Fauquier County Republican Committee (FCRC). In it I made several claims which I backed up with documentation. I took exception to the fact that the local members of the Party of Lincoln and Reagan were being chosen by Democrats. I also noted that Scott Russell had not only allowed this to happen, without protest either before or after the election, he had promoted those who encouraged Democrats to vote to be placed into membership on the committee.

After this publication, there were two (or possibly just one) individual(s) that commented anonymously in a negative manner. And although they took no actual exception to the facts in the post, they did cast a few stones that normally I would just let pass, but in this case, because of the vile dispersions, deceptive references and outright lies, I felt compelled to comment on here.

First “Local Man” (or woman) did not directly speak to the facts in the article but chose a technique seen in many opposition posts here at FFC. He (she) attacked the publication in general. He (she) called FFC “overly confrontational” by comparing us to anti-gay, anti-military Fred Phelps/Westboro Baptist. Boy, is this the pot calling the kettle black, or what? Overly confrontational? As the Left has shown time and time again, everything good people do to stand up for their beliefs these days is twisted into minority bashing. So, this time, for this hate-monger blogger, it is gays, and next it will be women, blacks, Muslims, Hispanics or  …. (would you believe) small farmers?

That is the tact taken by the other protagonist, the one who calls himself “Rick Jones”. Creative, very creative – yuk-yuk. Combining the names of those of us who actually open ourselves up by using our real names when we publish will score no points to your argument here or with the more intelligent readers of this publication. I am not sure how others envision these anon writers who namelessly criticize from their hovels, but I always imagine them as sitting half-naked, crouched over their computers in a darkened room spouting their venom.

“Rick Jones’” claim that we are allowing our “friends to relentlessly attack a small Female Family Farmer” seems rather hollow for a couple of reasons. First, who is he talking about? Does he think she also should remain nameless? And, second, if you want to offer a defense, by all means, send us an article. We are happy to print any article submitted which is civil. We only ask that you send it under your real name, not to be published if you do not wish, but for us to verify the source for validity and for our protection.

Then came the “dig” by “Local Man” (or woman) referring to how we ignored the plight of the oyster farmers in York County. This vapid claim is misleading on two fronts. First, we normally focus on local issues, hence the name Fauquier Free Citizen. Of course, as previously stated, we do publish submissions by others and you will find the Oyster story from May 10, 2013 that we published here.

I would also like to take this opportunity to point out that if you would like to follow this very important oyster-farming story, we invite all of our readers to go to the Virginia Free Citizen to see the latest on their plight here. Just under a year ago, a group of us here at the Fauquier Free Citizen assisted some good people in Richmond to start the Virginia Free Citizen. Our goal was to create a publication to work on important “freedom” issues all across the state. I might add here that several local Free Citizen sites have sprung up across the commonwealth, the nearest being the Fairfax Free Citizen.

So in conclusion, allow me to address two quick points brought up by our mystery blogger(s). The “spirit of working across boundaries” is an interesting way to describe inviting Democrats to vote for and enlist in the leadership positions of the FCRC. I find this admonition devoid of any logic and completely misplaced. It goes right along with the globalist, One World Order theory, where we open our borders and all become one under the UN flag.

And finally, we are told we should “rise to the occasion”. Now here we have something I can agree with. I do believe Cam Jones has risen to the occasion. He is standing on principle, the principles that govern the Republican Party of Virginia. In times like these, when today’s cultural mantra is “if it feels good, do it”, it is refreshing to stand beside a man who rises to stand on principle.



10 Responses to Bloggers Join the Circus

  1. James Demoto Reply

    April 15, 2014 at 5:51 pm

    Who needs underwear. We dont wear that no more. We go naked. We use the roman method of living. Nobody close enough to peek in our windows.

    Stop your worry about what I wear. The serfs in the city (one of my favorite tv shows), are the only ones who have to worry. We have our people watching them. You may live where you can ask your neighbor for a roll of toilet paper and they can hand it accross the lot line to you without getting off the pot. We don’t care. We have our vast open spaces thanks to your money.

  2. James Demoto Reply

    April 15, 2014 at 6:17 am

    Oh boo friggin hoo. Just another whiney post from the whineries. You just don’t get it. It just does not matter. You could not stop us from taking over the repubican committee and all you can do is cry about it.

    If you are not part of our team, you are a bunch of racist homophobes. And we will continue to use our race card, religion card, or whatever card we want to play because it works. Who cares if we are right, once we call you a bunch of homophobes, our work is done. We don’t have to prove it. Besides, we have that market covered in reality and once we are done we will send everyone else back to the labor camps and we don’t care what they do. They will not be around us cause we will be on our estates.

    You know darn well you have been bullying our Female Family Farmer and it does not matter who she is. Just because we made the accusation it is true. And we know you just made up that article about the oyser farmers and gave it an old date. Wow! Something we would do. Maybe you are not as stupid as you look.

    And for you ficticious Anton Halfwit, we don’t need ethics when we have money. We will do what we want how we want and if you don’t like it you can leave. We control the county and we will keep doing it our way no matter what. Besides, just as soon as we use your money to buy more land that we control, we will change the rules and make sure we develop it using our people when the time is right. May not be in the near future, but our kids will have it all.

    • rickbuchanan Reply

      April 15, 2014 at 7:20 am

      James Demented,
      I already know you are sitting in your underwear. You have no reason to get dressed because
      obviously do not get out much.

  3. Anton Afterwit Reply

    April 14, 2014 at 6:22 pm

    I see several issues here to address.

    First, I will disagree with the author that using pen names to post should not be an issue. We have a long history in our Country of posting information for the public under pen names. Lewis Carroll was actually Charles Lutwidge Dodgson who adopted his pen name in 1856 because, according to the Lewis Carroll Society of North America, he was modest and wanted to maintain the privacy of his personal life. Stanley Martin Lieber wrote under Stan Lee. François-Marie Arouet wrote a play signed with the alias Voltaire. Ben Franklin wrote as Richard Saunders and Silence Dogood. Madison, Hamilton, and Jay wrote collectively as Publius.

    Unfortunately, too many people in Fauquier County want to know your name rather than deal with the facts. They want to know so they can humiliate you personally, attack you personally, and go after you in public. They also want to know so they can punish you by calling the IRS with an anonymous complaint, as well as making sure law enforcement and code enforcement are well aware that you are a troublemaker for not agreeing with them. So, in the interest of free speech unfettered by personal attacks, I see nothing wrong with anyone using a pen name if they so desire. So long as they are polite and stick to the facts, there should not be a problem.

    I will agree with the author that it seems like many of the anonymous posters cannot argue the facts, so they must resort to personal attacks, and they do not feel that works if they do not know the real identity of people. Try arguing the facts posted here instead of just trying to personally attack the other posters and authors. If you disagree, so be it, just do it with facts and polite comment.

    So who cares who jcivitas is, who cares who Rick Jones is, and who cares who “Local Man” really is. Your failure to post facts is what concerns me. I have seen jcivitas post facts with links. I have seen the same out of several real and fictitious posters here. I will join in what I believe is the sentiment expressed by the author of this article. If you want to post scurrilous accusations, go somewhere else. If you want to post well documented facts, give us the links and let us review the material for ourselves.

    Second, tell us who this farmer is so we can get them help. Tell us what attacks have been made on the Female Family Farmer (does the sex of the person really matter or is this an attempt to play to the emotions based on the sex of the suggested target). Our farmers are important and if anyone is being denied their rights or livelihood, let us know and I am sure many of the people here will jump in and defend the farmer. And I hope this is not another one of those “bully” claims where the person has not been denied their just rights or denied their ability to plant, raise, and sell their crops. Don’t hold back; give us the details so we can help this poor farmer (regardless of race, color, sex, or creed).

    Third, I do not agree with Dems voting in Republican internal actions any more than I would agree with Republicans voting in Democrat internal actions. If Democrats voted in the Republican Executive Committee elections as alleged, they should be ashamed. If the suddenly converted and repentant Democrats who got themselves invited to join the Republican Committee fail to follow their fealty oath, then they need to be ashamed and the people who sponsored them need to be ashamed. And if the recently converted Democrats donate to, or otherwise support non-Republican candidates, then both they and their sponsors need to be thrown out of the Republican Party. I would expect the Democrat Party, Libertarian Party, or any other political party to do the same.

    Last, we have a known entity of Cameron Jones who has worked tirelessly on behalf of the Republican Party to ensure it stands for the Conservative principles it espouses. I am disappointed that Mr. Russell did not fully embrace Mr. Jones and his entire team. Mr. Russell had a chance to really be a unity leader and be magnanimous. Mr. Jones and his team have contributed a lot to the Party and had much more to give. To say unity and then dismiss Conservative Republicans from the Committee shows a lack of true leadership.

    I can promise you this; the eyes of the Conservatives are upon the leadership of the Republican Committee. If you do not take the action needed to correct this behavior, you are going to find it hard to raise money, hard to get out the vote, and even harder to keep your positions. We Virginians have a long memory and we will remember the events of the past few months for many years to come.

    • rickbuchanan Reply

      April 15, 2014 at 7:17 am

      Arguments accepted. Just tell me you are not sitting in your underwear as you post. Please!

      • Anton Afterwit Reply

        April 15, 2014 at 1:27 pm

        Well, I am wearing underwear beneath my overalls. Is that OK? I would hope we do not have a dress code. If so then I could only post on Sunday.

      • Rick Jones Reply

        April 15, 2014 at 3:00 pm

        Sorry Mr. Buchanan no dark room dirty underwear dwelling creature here. I was actually wearing a rather nice Brooks Brothers suit, as I had pitched some new clients the same day. They signed on to a multi-year deal so onward and upwards. I’ll let you all talk amongst yourself as I need to go hire some new team members and buy a few new F150s.

        • Anton Afterwit Reply

          April 15, 2014 at 5:59 pm

          Mr. Jones – That is terrific that you are prospering in our open market society. But I wonder why you would not go with the 2014 Chevy Silverado C15 or the 2014 Dodge Ram 1500 since they both get better gas mileage that the F150. You would at least be helping to reduce your carbon footprint that the GW proponets claim is important.

          • Rick Jones Reply

            April 16, 2014 at 3:09 pm

            I only buy Fords, personal preference.

            • James Demoto Reply

              April 16, 2014 at 10:05 pm

              You tell them how it is Rick Jones. The rules we make are for everyone except us. Carbon footprint to combat global warming is only for them. For us elite we will drive what we want, we will make our homes as big and as inefficient as we want, and we will take their money to do it. We are exempt from the rules we pass for everyone else.

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