Bobby Orrock Exposes Himself on Boneta and Food Freedom Bills

 By FFC Staff


Adam Cassandra writes at FFC, “GOP Should be Making it Easier for People to Earn a Living.”  Indeed.

Fauquier Free Citizen responds to Delegate Bobby Orrock’s concerns about the Boneta Bill.  Is this man a Republican? 

“The bill, while well intentioned, takes a broad brush approach to try to fix a real problem.”

The bill clarifies free market protections for farmers.  Delegate Orrock and the Agricultural subcommittee struck constitutional protections for farmers and remedies for when counties violate the Right to Farm Act.

Mr. Orrock, why did you and other Ag subcommittee members oppose and kill the Boneta Bill’s constitutional protections for farmers and remedies for when counties violated the Right to Farm Act?  What do you have against constitutional rights for farmers?

“The biggest issue is that the “Right to Farm” statute is intended to address what can be produced on a farm and was never meant to address how products could be sold or how or other uses of the property.”

Then that is a flaw of the Right to Farm Act.  What good is the right to farm unless farmers can earn income free from fear of government bullying?  Does Bobby Orrock believe that farming should be a hobby for the rich?  Small farmers need to engage in commerce to pay the bills.

“The original bill would have left local gov’t almost no recourse to have some control over what goes on in their jurisdictions than to change or abolish zoning and/or repeal land use taxation.”

Respectfully, that is demagoguery, and is a gross exaggeration and mischaracterization.  There would be no need to “abolish zoning,” and that is merely a threat used by the Virginia Association of Counties to scare people.  The Boneta Bill’s protections of commerce will enable farmers to pay their mortgages and preserve their farm property, rather than forcing them to give up their farms through easements – and property in easements is exempt from taxation.   Also, there is no need to repeal land use taxation.  Farmers that engage in commerce will add more to the states’ tax coffers than farmers who receive tax and other government subsidies.   Boneta Bill supporters are eager to engage in the debate about whether tax and other government subsidies for farmers should interfere with the rights of commerce.

Want proof that Bobby Orrock is wrong?  Already all across Virginia and EVEN IN FAUQUIER COUNTY farms engage in multiple forms of commerce and retail sales – even selling items not produced at those farms.  The wife of one Fauquier County supervisor runs a massage therapy business out of his farm, and sells oils from Europe.  Fauquier’s Delegate Michael Webert and his wife run a livestock marketing company in addition to his farm, as he explained on This Week in Richmond.

Stop these shameful scare tactics, Mr. Orrock.  The Boneta Bill will do none of the things you describe – except in the minds of power-hungry political bullies.

“It also was so broad as to allow, by right, any farm to engage in almost any retail activities as long as just over 1/2 of the revenue was from the sale of “farm goods” (none of which had to be produced on the farm).”

Mr. Orrock’s objections on camera included fear of farmers selling sodas, art and literature.  Farmers should be able to sell Coca-Colas, bottled water, lemonade and Gatorade on hot days.  Farmers should be free to sell the art produced by their spouses or themselves.  The world’s most popular farmer, Joel Salatin, should be free to sell his best-selling books at his farm.  Mr. Orrock, respectfully, you are trying to define down what self-sufficient farmers have been doing for centuries, and it seems that you want them to become reliant on the State.

In fact, Mr. Orrock, small farms already sell these items all across Virginia without jeopardizing zoning or land use taxation.  The Boneta Bill simply prohibits counties from singling out individual farmers for unfair and unlawful charges.

“The Comm. and now the House agree that the issue is real and needs to be addressed, but the current bill needs to get it right, lest we do more harm than good.”

Again, you seem to believe that the free market doesn’t “get it right,” and that farm rights must be dictated by Richmond.

“The re-enactment clause allows the matter to stay before the assembly and a proper fix may be forthcoming next year.”

Translation:  Mr. Orrock wants farmers’ rights turned over to Richmond special interests.  Mr. Orrock, pardon us, but we work for a living, and don’t have time to come to Richmond to negotiate our God-given rights with bureaucrats over dinner and drinks.

“I have always been and continue to be, a strong supporter of farming and private property rights, but we have to get it right. I am carrying a bill that passed the house today (HB1852), that makes some major expansions in what can be sold from the farm or at a farmers market and thereby, increase their financial viability.”

Really?  Mr. Orrock capped sales under HB 1852 at $3,000 and creates Class 1 misdemeanors for homemakers, which is not only stingy, it will keep people at poverty levels.  Homemakers can easily spend that “cap” just in producing their goods, so your “cap” will foster inferior, undesirable goods.  You show that you know nothing about free markets.  Your actions belie your claims that you believe in rights.  Rights are not given or “capped” by Richmond.  Farmers don’t feed off the scraps of freedom thrown at them by Bobby Orrock.

The list of Bobby Orrock’s top campaign contributors shows that the only individual is himself.  The rest are special interests including those from outside Virginia.  Whose interests does Bobby Orrock represent?  Clearly not small farms and farmers.




$10,631 Va Hospital & Healthcare Assn Henrico
$10,000 Medical Society of Va Henrico
$8,970 Va Dental Assn Henrico
$6,000 Va Health Care Assn Richmond
$5,147 Republican Party of Virginia Richmond
$5,000 Dominion Richmond
$4,000 Alpha Natural Resources Abingdon
$4,000 Amgen Inc Newbury Park, CA
$3,500 Va Optometric Assn Richmond
$2,500 Hospital Corp of America Richmond
$2,500 Pharmaceutical Research & Manufacturers of America Washington, DC
$2,000 Altria Richmond
$2,000 Hunton & Williams Richmond
$2,000 Lifepoint Hospitals Inc Brentwood, TN
$2,000 Universal Leaf Tobacco Co Richmond
$2,000 Va Assn of Realtors Glen Allen
$2,000 Va College of Emergency Physicians Norge
$2,000 Va Society of Anesthesiologists Richmond
$2,000 Va Society of Eye Physicians & Surgeons Richmond
$1,750 Pfizer Inc New York, NY
$1,658 Williams Mullen Richmond
$1,500 Abbott Laboratories North Chicago, IL
$1,500 Anthem Richmond
$1,500 Genworth Financial Washington, DC
$1,500 Home Builders Assn of Va Richmond
$1,500 Newport News Shipbuilding Newport News
$1,500 Smithfield Foods Smithfield
$1,500 Troutman Sanders Richmond
$1,500 Va Bankers Assn Glen Allen
$1,500 Va Coal Assn Richmond
$1,282 Robert D Orrock, Sr Woodford
$1,250 Assn of Electric Cooperatives Glen Allen
$1,250 Consol Energy Inc Pittsburgh, PA
$1,250 Walgreens Co Deerfield, IL
$1,000 Allergan Arlington
$1,000 AOL Inc Sterling
$1,000 Associated General Contractors Glen Allen
$1,000 Boehringer Ingelheim Ridgefield, CT
$1,000 Eckert Seamans Richmond
$1,000 EPIC Pharmacies Inc Richmond
$1,000 McGuire Woods Richmond
$1,000 Omega Protein Reedville
$1,000 Orbitz Chicago, IL
$1,000 Reed Smith LLP Richmond
$1,000 Sanofi Aventis Bridgewater, NJ
$1,000 Snead Asparagus Fredericksburg
$1,000 Va Academy of Clinical Psychologists Richmond
$1,000 Va Assisted Living Assn Richmond
$1,000 Va Cable Telecom Assn Richmond
$1,000 Va Chiropractic Assn Christiansburg





9 Responses to Bobby Orrock Exposes Himself on Boneta and Food Freedom Bills

  1. Lester Gabriel Reply

    April 6, 2013 at 4:41 pm

    I was at a meeting Thurs night where I had a chance to ask Dels Bill Howell and Mark Dudenhefer. One question I had was about the Boneta Bill and its chance in the Senate next year. I was surprised that they both seemed to be hostile to the idea (an idea whose time is over) They both favorably referred me to Del Orrock as someone knowledgable and “very analytical”. We really need a strong Resolution to pass on May 18th.

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  3. Real patriot Reply

    February 5, 2013 at 8:38 pm

    Nice picture. Glad to see you are keeping it ” civil”.

    • jcivitas Reply

      February 5, 2013 at 8:57 pm

      No one ever said we wouldn’t be edgy.

  4. Madge Reply

    February 5, 2013 at 5:05 pm

    Bobby Orrock and his subcommittee on Agriculture did the old trick. Befuddle the opposition. Unless you are savvy to all their “bag of end run plays” you don’t know what is happening. These delegates sit around a table and look so gentlemanly but all the time they are sticking a knife between you ribs (from the back of course). They ask the Virginia Department of Agriculture to make comments on the issue. You would think the Va. Dept Ag. would be looking out for farmers and wanting them to survive. You may have thought that about the Farm Bureau also. Surely these people are in favor of farms – that is their business life. NOT Both the Va. Dept Ag and the Farm Bureau oppose H.B. 1430 and do it on the grounds that real agricultural land is too valuable to have a commercial business located there. Then, so they can say they voted IN FAVOR OF HB 1430, they put a clause that this will not go into effect until after it is voted favorably in the 2014 session of General Assembly. Meanwhile, Martha cannot sell her produce this summer either. What farm can go w/o selling goods for two years?????
    P.S. The Committee Room was filled to every inch of standing room and both hallways were also packed with supporters of H.B. 1430, but did the Committee care? NO Madge Eicher

  5. Tricia Stall Reply

    February 5, 2013 at 4:00 pm

    Shame on Delegate Bobby Orrock! And Delegate Scott Lingamfelter for allowing this to happen!

  6. Find a New Job Reply

    February 5, 2013 at 9:06 am

    This guy has turned out to be a real disappointment. What happened to having a spine. He has run away from the small farmer and free enterprise. I guess we didn’t have enough $$$ for his last campaign so our voice is silenced.

  7. Mark Fitzgibbons Reply

    February 5, 2013 at 8:24 am

    Bobby Orrock would do well to heed the words of Thomas Jefferson, and stay out of dictating farmers’ rights:

    “[t]he way to have a good and safe government is not to trust it all to one, but to divide it among the many, distributing to every one exactly the functions he is competent to do . . . . It is by dividing and subdividing these republics from the great national one down through all its subordinations, UNTIL IT ENDS IN THE ADMINISTRATION OF EVERY MAN’S FARM BY HIMSELF . . . that all will be done for the best . . . . What has destroyed liberty and the rights of man in every government which has ever existed under the sun? The generalizing and concentrating all cares and power into one body . . . .”

    Thomas Jefferson

  8. Scamperis Reply

    February 5, 2013 at 7:26 am

    Show me the Law in the Constitution , Article, Section that gives any power to the Government to regulate what a man or woman can do on their own property. Its the Constitution Stupid. Remember ? Supreme Law of the Land , You know the one you swore an oath to OBEY, UPHOLD, PROTECT !! All power lies with We The People ! Remember that one next time you want to play demigod !!

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