Cedar Run Supervisor Lee Sherbeyn honors his Citizen of the Year.

At his last meeting as a Supervisor, Lee Sherbeyn chose to honor local philanthropist Ed Moore. Below you can read why Lee chose Mr. Moore as his Citizen of the Year.


I met my choice for Citizen of the year about 5-6 years ago while farming. I needed hay and he needed his cut on shares. After becoming Supervisor I got to know him on a different level and observed him in a different light. Let me tell you about his contributions to our county and its citizens.

Background and family

  1. A strong supporter of agriculture, preservation and smart growth through advocacy, charitable donations and education.
  2. Lives and raises his children in Fauquier County, where he raises beef cattle and horses.
  3. His wife of 31 years was born in Fauquier Hospital, and her family has 5 generations in Piedmont

Contributions to Land Conservation and preservation

  1. Joined the effort to oppose power lines projected to compromise the beauty of Fauquier County.
  2. Purchased lands with historical significance in Fauquier County to place them under conservation easement and permanent preservation.
  3. Donates annually to Fauquier County Parks and Recreation through in-kind and monetary contributions.
  4. Facilitated outdoors ethic initiatives to educate Fauquier County youth using Leave No Trace Behind principles.
  5. Member of multiple land conservation and preservation organizations, including-Piedmont Environmental Council-Land Trust of Virginia
  6. -Citizens for Fauquier County
  7. -Buckland Preservation

       Contributions to Education

  1. Was the first to sponsor the Kettle Run sports program at the football field
  2. Funded the resurfacing of the playground at Greenville Elementary School.
  3. Created and donated an outdoor classroom at Auburn Middle School, open to all Fauquier Schools.
  4. Planted new trees at all schools in New Baltimore.
  5. Helped fund and support youth Outdoor Sports Club, The Boy Scouts of America and the Girl Scouts of America.
  6. Created a discovery garden at Vint Hill Transitional Housing that helps at risk children interact with nature and the environment.

Contributions to Fauquier County

  1. Raised over $150,000.00 for improvements to Vint Hill Transitional Housing, a Fauquier Family Shelter affiliate.
  2. Provided multiple opportunities and locations for EMT’s, Fire and Rescue, and Sheriffs to conduct critical emergency training exercises.
  3. Spearheaded the design of multiple road improvements in New Baltimore and supplied shared funding.
  4. Chairman of the Fauquier County Transportation Committee.
  5. Donated two library sites to New Baltimore.
  6. Makes annual donations to Fauquier Family Shelter.

Ed_Lee_Award_PresentationMy citizen of the year is Mr. Ed Moore President and CEO of Vint Hill Village LLC

I chose Ed Moore because of all of his contributions to our county that will help to preserve our county’s heritage and make it a safer and better place for our children and all of us to live. A bonus for me in choosing Ed Moore is that it allows me to highlight what great contributions are made by development and developers. Contributions that help us as a county to move forward in a positive direction. Things that are seldom highlighted in the media.

When I was campaigning I was referred to as “The Tool of the Developer”.  I am not now or have I ever been ashamed to be associated with a developer in this county.

A few months ago I was approached by a constituent who was very concerned because WSA had told them that they could not get a Water Tap until the Mintbrook development well came on line. There was no additional water available for The Bealeton Service District until then. This was something even as a Supervisor I was not aware of. The new well installed by The Mintbrook Developers saved the county hundreds of thousands of dollars.

There are many, many, things like that one that we the citizens never hear about and will never know about.If being a friend of the developers is wrong, then I don’t want to be right. They are a great group of professionals and I am proud to have gotten to know them all better these last 4 years.

Lee Sherbeyn

Supervisor, Cedar Run District

Fauquier County, Virginia






8 Responses to Cedar Run Supervisor Lee Sherbeyn honors his Citizen of the Year.

  1. FFC is becoming a Democrat blog! Reply

    December 17, 2015 at 7:20 pm

    Nice to see that you are still supporting former Republican and Democrat donor Lee Sherbeyn even if he is not a true conservative. and your support for the independent candidate against Holder was obvious.

    I guess I am not surprised, none of three owners of this site are really Republicans.

    • HomeSchoolingMama Reply

      December 18, 2015 at 6:05 pm

      Funny…you claim the owners of FFC are not Republicans but obviously you are a supporter of RINO Holder Trumbo. In some cases the Independent is more conservative than the Republican.

  2. Joe Smith Reply

    December 17, 2015 at 10:32 am

    I believe the solidarity and vigilance of my Grapewood neighborhood went further in preventing the Grapewood Connector, than Ed Moore. We were alerted to this proposed connector, only months before bulldozers would have plowed right through our neighborhood. For two years we, as a united neighborhood, vented our concerns at the BOS meetings, with over 100 neighbors showing up.I thank Holder Trumbo for the support and eventual retirement of the easement. Strength in numbers prevailed.

  3. Joe Smith Reply

    December 16, 2015 at 7:40 pm

    I am a resident of Grapewood, and our neighborhood solidarity, and vigilance, put that to rest!

  4. Maureen Riordan Reply

    December 16, 2015 at 6:28 am

    I met Ed Moore shortly after moving to Fauquier County. I have gotten to know his wife and children as well. He is a dedicated family man and dedicated to the county and our children. While a member of the Fauquier County School Board I could always count on him to financially support any school endeavor. He annually sponsors the Brookside 5k which has donated approximately 25,000 dollars to FCPS. He funded the transportation study at KRHS which resulted in the improved flow of traffic, right hand turning lane and he requested the retirement of the easement through the Grapewood subdivision.
    So nice to see am an who never seeks thanks for all he does for the community get the recognition that he so deserves.

    • Teresa Reynolds Reply

      December 16, 2015 at 10:10 am

      Maureen, I believe that the Fauquier Community had more to do with the Grapewood cut through being put to rest, not just Ed Moore.

      • maureen riordan Reply

        December 16, 2015 at 6:36 pm

        We will have to agree to disagree.

        • Teresa Reynolds Reply

          December 16, 2015 at 9:18 pm

          Yes we will.

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