The Daily Caller: The Media Is Missing The Point Of Cantor’s Defeat

Major media outlets are missing a major aspect of why House Majority Leader Rep. Eric Cantor was defeated Tuesday night, grassroots Virginia activists tell The Daily Caller.


It was the attempts by the Cantor team and other establishment Republicans in Virginia to bully, exclude and defeat grassroots conservatives in his district and elsewhere that made his defeat essential to send a message to Washington,” conservative Virginia activist and writer Mark Fitzgibbons told TheDC.


That’s when Cantor and his consultants decided they would launch an offensive to take back the Republican Party of Virginia, and in the months that followed, Cantor and the Young Guns political action committee he founded launched a concerted effort to retake chairmanships and, ultimately, the Virginia Republican nomination process from tea party — and Republican-base affiliated activists.


“I think that the idea that this is an anti-amnesty victory, that’s part of it, but [the power play] was the real core of it,” [Richard] Viguerie told TheDC. “It’s just anti-establishment across the board. They’re heavy handed in slating; they’re trying to take over the party — just, the hubris in their running operation.”

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2 Responses to The Daily Caller: The Media Is Missing The Point Of Cantor’s Defeat

  1. Anton Afterwit Reply

    June 13, 2014 at 6:13 am

    I think what you are really seeing is the backlash against the slating and other actions by the Cantor/Young Guns as they attempted to exact revenge on the TEA types and Conservatives in the Republican Party combined with the arrogance of an elitist coming back to bite him. Ignoring your base and going against their wishes is political suicide.

    Yes, immigration is a hot topic and leaning towards the open border side of things definitely lost him some votes. Yes, supporting Obamacare was a bad idea and it definitely cost him some votes. Trying to emulate the liberal posture of being for something before he is against something before he votes for something only because he can’t vote against something is not a winning strategy.

    Bottom line, the Republican Base is tired of politicians who try to placate them with rhetoric and they are looking for real leaders who will address the issues at hand and implement solutions to fix the problems. They are looking for those who are concerned with WE instead of ME. They are looking for honesty and adherence to principles.

    Those who fail to measure up are going to be Cantorized. It does not matter if it is at the Federal, State, or Local level. It does not matter if they think they are important. The Republican Base has had enough and they are starting to hold their elected official accountable at all levels.

  2. Rachel Hill Reply

    June 12, 2014 at 9:05 am

    I was in Richmond last weekend and came home the scenic route through part of the 7th District. Colorful red and yellow signs put up by the Patrick Henry Tea Party lined the roadsides. My favorite was “Eric Cantor: For Amnesty…..For Obamacare…..For Big Government…..For You?” Feeling is high against Eric Cantor in Central Virginia. Big Media missed the story and so did Rep..Cantor.

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