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It has come to my attention that the gentleman who is running against Cameron Jones, whose event I reported on here, sent out an email the day after the public Meet and Greet entitled “Emergency – FAUQUIER REPUBLICAN PARTY NEEDS YOUR HELP!!”

This is that email (all underlines and emboldens are as written in original email, with the exception of Mr. Russell’s email address which has been altered to protect his privacy):


Scott Russell <>

Republican Friends:

Tomorrow night – Thursday, February 27th – we will be holding an emergency meeting to sign petitions for at-large members for the Fauquier County Republican Committee and delegates for the 5th Congressional District Convention.

Please let me be blunt – there is a movement afoot with certain elements in the county to win all of the committee’s at-large seats and gain a controlling interest in the Fauquier County Republican Committee.  These are the folks who have stated publicly that they want to throw EVERY incumbent out and start over.  They are also attempting to seize control of the 5th Congressional District Committee.

These folks are motivated – having 70 people show up on Tuesday to sign petitions for the committee. We can and MUST answer them! Please call in every favor you have, call your friend and neighbors, beat the bushes to get people out tomorrow night. We cannot fail or our party – the party of Reagan – will never be the same.

We will meet at from 5-7:00 p.m. tomorrow at:

The Inn at Vint Hill

4200 Aikin Drive

Warrenton, VA 20187

I will have all the paperwork necessary to fill out.


Scott Russell

Candidate for Fauquier County Chairman

Needless to say, this email generated many questions. As Scott has lived in Fauquier County for only six or seven months, I have never talked to him, so I called him about this astonishing and rather ominous sounding email. After discovering who I was and that I was calling for the Fauquier Free Citizen, he refused to answer any of my questions.

So, since I am unable report on any answers to these questions, I will print my questions here. If you are planning to vote in the Republican Chairman’s race you may want to personally ask Mr. Russell to answer them for you, off the record of course.

1) What is your position on the proposed property tax increases being discussed by Republican Supervisors?

2) Are you familiar with the 5-year school program called Aspirations 2015 and do you support it?

3) Will the American Spectator be endorsing you?

4) Since you used the title of your email “Emergency – FAUQUIER REPUBLICAN PARTY NEEDS YOUR HELP!!” in a recent email, did you have the authority or permission from the Fauquier Republican Party to speak for them?

5) Who are you referring to when you use the term “certain elements” in the emergency email?

6) Can you help us understand what you mean when you say “the party of Reagan will never be the same?”





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  4. Vox Veritas Vita Reply

    March 6, 2014 at 11:29 am

    Personally I would like to see both candidates answer all of these questions.

  5. Mage Eicher Reply

    March 4, 2014 at 9:52 am

    I was at the Meet and Greet for Candidate for Chairman of Fauquier Co. Republican Committee, Cam Jones and did not hear anyone speak of taking control of the Co. Committee by winning all the At Large Seats. I did sign up for an At Large Seat because it was easier to get signatures from anyone there instead of having to determine if they were from my Precinct. There was certainly no concerted effort planned. I have served as an At Large Member before. Is Mr. Russell an alarmist and is this how you foster unity? We should get on with building the Republican Party one of unity and winning elections as opposed to last November’s great loss. Madge Eicher

  6. Say NO to Carpetbagger Scott Russell! Reply

    March 3, 2014 at 8:52 pm

    Alarmist Scott Russell- your cheap alarmist antics are not wanted in Fauquier!

    What kind of a person sends an email like this with the subject line “EMERGENCY- Fauquier Republican Party need your help”

    Really? This is an emergency? This pathetic move is nothing more than “career suicide” for Scott Russell.

    We are TIRED of the corrupt, elitist antics that have been a black cloud over Fauquier County for many years! Scott Russell by sending this email has done nothing but probe to the world that he is the same.

    We need new fresh ethical and genuine chair like Cam Jones.

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