Farmers cheer Boneta Bill while Fauquier Times sulks

Farmers across the state celebrate the Boneta Bill, which just took effect.

Cheers for and from:

Don Reese and his family [who] operate the store adjacent to their hundreds of acres of land where they grow all sorts of crops, including their locally famous cantaloupes.”

The “flag is flying over the US Capitol in honor of Virginia’s farm freedom legislation.”

Hooray from Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund and Food Freedom USA.

Fauquier_Times_or Minority_Report_street_signAnd boo-hiss to the Fauquier Times that says Tea Party “and other far-right groups saw Boneta’s conflict as political opportunity.” After two years the Minority Report still has not done an honest story about the whole thing.

But while the good-ole boors in Warrenton sulk, concoct stories, and proclaim the end of the world because farmers can earn a better living, people across the state — and country — cheer Martha Boneta and those who helped free Virginia farmers.





2 Responses to Farmers cheer Boneta Bill while Fauquier Times sulks

  1. Not Chicken Little Reply

    July 25, 2014 at 9:15 pm

    I think millions of people around the country reading the many stories about the government harassment in this Virginia county, are getting the wrong idea about how to pronounce “Fauquier”…or maybe not…

  2. Jason Alvarez Reply

    July 2, 2014 at 11:45 pm

    The Minority Report (FTD) can’t even write an unbiased story, distorts the truth and publishes false information because it is merely a puppet for Fauquier County government and the PECkers! What a shame the FTD has lost all credibility. I used to read that rag and now in my house it’s only use is to collect poop on the bottom of a cage.

    The article is obviously slanted and screams of being soar losers and the bitter angry hostile irrational and completely absurd reputation Fauquier County bullycrats are known for in Virginia and across the nation.

    The entire state has been celebrating this non-partisan legislation and yet the very very old cronies in Fauquier are so out of touch reality they don’t even understand how their continue obvious targeting only shines an even bigger light on this disfunctional county.

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