Fauquier Supervisor ‘Promotes’ County Tourism

By Joseph Civitas

Todd Setzler from Connecticut found FFC on the internet, and after reading the article “Fauquier County’s False Statement about Birthday Parties and the Boneta Bill”, he sent an email to Renee Culbertson in the Fauquier County administrative office; Renee sent it out to the BoS at large, and Supervisor Sherbeyn responded.

We hope this is not that ‘Fun Thing’ that Supervisor Sherbeyn did today.

After the exchange is the email apology I sent to Mr. Setzler.

Mr. Setzler’s comment on FFC:

I live in CT and came across this story online as many have. Knowing the internet, I searched for other stories and the local government website for information before taking action I rarely do. I sent an email to Renee Culbertson expressing my feelings on the matter. I just received a reply from Lee Sherbeyn whom my email had been forwarded to. Below are my email and the response. I feel bad for anyone living there.


Mr. Setzler’s email to Ms. Culbertson:

From: Todd Setzler [mailto:xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx]
Sent: Saturday, February 02, 2013 8:56 AM
To: Culbertson, Renee
Subject: Birthday party?

From: Culbertson, Renee
Sent: Thursday, February 07, 2013 4:54 PM
Subject: FW: Birthday party?

To whom it may concern,

Birthday party??? Are you serious? Single out one person? Just letting you know that people have read stories about your unfair treatment of your resident(s) and are not happy about it.


Supervisor Sherbeyn’s response:  sherbeyn_official_pic

Todd, (the one whom seems concerned).
It really is not my intent to make anyone unhappy. Perhaps if you and they knew the complete story they wouldn’t feel so sad. Had you taken the time to get all the facts it may have been less traumatic on all of you.
It is the free choice of all individuals to be happy or sad.
It is also their choice to get the whole story or only one side.
I can not be responsible for the emotions of everyone. At sometime in your lives you need to take responsibility for that.
The ones that choose to NOT BE HAPPY ABOUT IT and you, should understand that they and you are in charge of your own emotions, and you made those decisions.
Stop blaming everyone else for your shortcomings.
It was Your choice not mine.
I am sure that if it was on TV or the internet, it had to be true and the whole story.
Do something fun today. I am.
Lee Sherbeyn Cedar Run District


Editor’s Email to Mr. Setzler:


Please do not think the citizens of Fauquier are all like this, it is mainly just the Supervisors, and a couple “Environmental Organizations” who are running the show.

They are the ones who write all these Ordinances and Regulations to prevent birthday parties and such.

The average run of the mill Fauquier County resident is easy going, friendly, and could care less about what their neighbor is doing on their property, in other words they respect the rights of others.

We hope you and your friends from CT will come on down and enjoy our county once we get this mess cleaned up.

It may even be business and tourism friendly by then, so if you like what you see when you come down, you might want to consider relocating to Fauquier County, Virginia.


Joe Civitas

Editor, Fauquier Free Citizen




5 Responses to Fauquier Supervisor ‘Promotes’ County Tourism

  1. Dale Swanson Reply

    February 18, 2013 at 9:35 am

    I would suggest to all, posting and reading here,that the “fun thing” that WE should do today is to actively seek a replacement for Supervisor Sherbeyn. Another “fun thing” to do is; start raising money now to replace the entire Fauquier BoS.
    Take Mr. Sherbyns’ suggestion, now go out and have some fun!

  2. No Thanks PEC Reply

    February 8, 2013 at 10:18 pm

    Because of the way Fauquier County has mistreated the wineries and farmers, the county government has the worst reputation and has lost all credibility in Richmond across the state. I wish these county bafoons would keep their mouths shut over the mess they have created because every time they say something it makes things worse for them and for our county.

    Who is advising these people? Oh yeh I forgot it was the PEC that got them in this mess to begin with and it is the PEC that keeps making things worse for our county and all of us…Thanks a lot PEC! You have destroyed this county not only for me but future generations. Leave us alone PEC! We don’t want you in our county!!!

  3. Gregg Jones Reply

    February 8, 2013 at 6:21 pm

    Well, I have been reading the Fauquier Demorcrat, and as I understand it, our county/town are seeking to attract new business. However, I don’t think this kind of PR helps. If a distant person is noticing and taking the time to write, well, potential businesses are noticing too.

  4. Cameron Jones Reply

    February 8, 2013 at 4:48 pm

    I believe you mean Elizabeth Ledgerton, the former treasurer who just retired. I don’t know her personally and have had little dealings with the Treasurers office, but they have always treated me fairly.

    I do know Ross D’Urso both personally, and through his public office, and I have always found him to be most helpful and forthcoming with information, and in fact I grew to know him personally because he was so helpful to me as a citizen.

    After 47 questions in one email string a while back, I apologized for bugging him, and he told me that I was not bugging him, it is the job he was elected to do.

    I appreciate public officials who actually believe that is why they have a job, unlike those who believe it is their job to make my life more difficult.

    I kinda wish Ross was the Zoning Administrator, or perhaps on the BoS or the School Board.

  5. Scamperis Reply

    February 8, 2013 at 3:02 pm

    Wow ! it was my belief that Ross Durso and Catherine Ledgerton were the low life forms in Warrenton but, now I am beginning to wonder. Maybe we should have a public contest.

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