Fauquier Times Has a Heart for Holder ‘Kevlar’ Trumbo

Fauquier Times is dubbed “The Minority Report” (TMR) for its representation of the views of a minority of Fauquier County’s residents posing (poorly, I might add) as environmentalists and conservationists for tax-break purposes. It is owned by Peter Arundel, the polo-playing son of the late Nick Arundel who helped found the Piedmont Environmental Council.

On April 2 TMR published an editorial protecting their friend Holder Trumbo (“Passion, not posturing will best benefit the county”), the Fauquier County supervisor who said his and county critics will need their Kevlar, i.e., bullet-proof vests.

Call that bad-luck editorial timing, it being the same day of the shootings at Fort Hood.

TMR claims Trumbo’s statements won’t mean he’ll soon “burst into the office of Fauquier Times like Rooster Cogburn.”

No, Holder Trumbo won’t. He can’t even shoot straight in politics, and nobody is afraid of him  He is merely a bully who needs therapy, and there’s certainly a DSM description for him.

Besides, TMR has been Trumbo’s lapdog, oblivious to the abuses by him and his drones in the county government.

We wonder, however, if TMR might have taken a different approach had it been someone saying county officials and the defenders of their abuses will need to wear Kevlar. We doubt TMR would have called that “regrettable and politically incautious,” as was its weak penance for Trumbo.

Trumbo’s comments and behavior disgrace the county, and are unacceptable for an elected official. His comments extended far beyond “Kevlar.” County critics are “freaks,” a “cult,” don’t have “most of their original teeth,” and “Losers!” says the rabid Mr. Trumbo.

TMR’s editorial is more apology than criticism of this disgraceful behavior by an elected official.

And, of course, no defense of government abuse is complete without taking shots at the Tea Party. TMR accuses the Tea Party of “astroturfing Fauquier County,” which is not only an unsubstantiated and false charge, but is the tired cliché of the old and tired print media. The PEC, with its multi-million dollar budget to protect “view sheds” under its faux environmental mission – now that’s what I call astroturfing.

TMR, though, claims that it is “weary of the outrage game” and claims we are “smarter than this.”

We’re not sure who they mean by “we,” but we read that TMR also takes its shots at “outrage fanned by people who don’t live here.”

Yes, national media outlets such as Fox News, the Drudge Report, American Thinker, The Daily Caller, Washington Examiner and others were busy reporting the abuses in the county that TMR ignored and even supported in its reporting.

Trumbo’s egotistical abuse of power helped create that national embarrassment for our county, then he violated the Fauquier County Code of Ethics with his recent statements.

He should be censured by his colleagues. That won’t be suggested by TMR. It would make too awkward a moment at the next polo match.



2 Responses to Fauquier Times Has a Heart for Holder ‘Kevlar’ Trumbo

  1. Furious Fauquier Resident Reply

    April 9, 2014 at 8:13 pm

    Anton is correct. Tar and Feather, no. But, hold Mr. Trumbo accountable to all people in Scott District and as Chair, all the citizens in Fauquier, yes. He is clearly in violation of ethics he swore to uphold when he was elected to public office. His conduct is unbecoming of an elected official who works at the pleasure of the people. A gentleman would step down. He can’t be removed from public office because this would require a hearing and the outcome would be favorable to Mr. Trumbo. All the honest judges in Fauquier have retired. There is no ethics committee. Fauquier County is run like a college fraternity. The majority of us do not have the “right” pedigree ($$$) for equitable representation. As I said, a gentleman would step down. Mr. Trumbo is no gentleman.

  2. Anton Afterwit Reply

    April 4, 2014 at 6:47 am

    While I am not prepared to tar and feather Mr. Trumbo, I am not prepared to dismiss his behavior either. His use of derogatory labels for his fellow citizens that disagree with him is inexcusable. His use of inflammatory rhetoric towards his fellow citizens is inexcusable. While I think putting him in the stocks in front of the old jail would be excessive, I certainly do agree he owes the citizens an apology for his behavior.

    Once you become a public official, you lose your right to public displays of rage and are obligated to temper your speech. While you are entitled to your opinions in private, you are obligated to treat your fellow citizens with respect. Specifically as charged in the Fauquier County Code of Ethics, “Members shall refrain from abusive conduct, personal charges or verbal attacks upon the character or motives of other members of the Board of Supervisors, boards, commissions, and committees, the staff or public.” This is where Mr. Trumbo crossed the line. He failed to treat his fellow citizens with respect and verbally attacked the public.

    Instead of disrespecting his fellow citizens, Mr. Trumbo needs to engage his fellow citizens in respectful discourse and determine the cause of their concerns. He needs to have civil discussions and LISTEN to his fellow citizens. He needs to look at the issues from all sides, and not just from the view of a special class of individuals. After all, this is what he was elected for, to represent the MAJORITY of his constituents, not just the interests of a few.

    He had the opportunity to “be the better man” but instead devolved to the level of a Fauquier County teenager and school-yard bully. He has brought more shame on the County than the citizens did and he is the one directly responsible for allowing the discussion to escalate to a point that it gained attention outside of the County.

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