Fauquier Young Republicans call on BoS to take Code of Ethics seriously


Fauquier County Young Republicans Press Release

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Fauquier YRs Call on BoS to Take Code of Ethics Seriously

WARRENTON, Virginia – The Fauquier County Young Republicans unanimously passed the following resolution at their April 8, 2014 meeting:



WHEREAS, one of the primary objectives of the Fauquier County Young Republicans (FCYRs) is to bring young people into the Republican Party; and

WHEREAS, Republican elected officials in public office are considered representatives of the Republican Party in the eyes of the public; and

WHEREAS, abusive and/or inappropriate conduct on the part of Republican elected officials in public office creates a negative impression of the Republican Party in the eyes of the public, and therefore hinders the efforts and mission of the FCYRs; and

WHEREAS, the Fauquier County government has adopted a Code of Ethics which reads in part: “The professional and personal conduct of members must be above reproach and avoid even the appearance of impropriety. Members shall refrain from abusive conduct, personal charges or verbal attacks upon the character or motives of other members of the Board of Supervisors, boards, commissions, and committees, the staff or public.”; and

WHEREAS, the Code of Ethics further states in part: “The Board of Supervisors may impose sanctions on members whose conduct does not comply with the County’s ethical standards, such as reprimand, formal censure, loss of seniority or committee assignment, or budget restriction.”; and

WHEREAS, it has become an issue in the media that a Republican member of the Fauquier County Board of Supervisors has made abusive personal attacks on members of the public via the Internet; now, therefore be it

RESOLVED by the Fauquier County Young Republicans this 8th day of April in the year of Our Lord 2014, that the FCYRs call on all Republican elected officials within our county to conduct themselves in a professional manner in all public spheres at all times so as not to tarnish the image of the Republican Party; and be it

RESOLVED FURTHER that the Fauquier County Young Republicans urge the Fauquier County Board of Supervisors to take seriously their Code of Ethics; and be it

RESOLVED FINALLY that the Fauquier Young Republicans call on the Fauquier County Board of Supervisors to formally reprimand/censure any member who has breached their Code of Ethics.

About the FCYRs: The Fauquier County Young Republicans consists of Virginia voters 18-40 years old dedicated to electing Republicans to office and to promoting the Republican principles of a limited constitutional government, individual liberty and responsibility, free market capitalism, traditional values, and a strong national defense.



5 Responses to Fauquier Young Republicans call on BoS to take Code of Ethics seriously

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  2. Madge Eicher Reply

    April 11, 2014 at 12:43 pm

    I was at the BoS meeting on April 10th and there was no discussion of any member of the Board being addressed for any reason. Madge Eicher

  3. Anton Afterwit Reply

    April 10, 2014 at 11:40 pm

    We should not cast dispersions on the entire board at this time since we do not know for sure what has gone on behind closed doors. All we know are the public actions of Mr. Trumbo and the failure of public disclosure of any action being taken by the BOS. And of course it would be inappropriate for them to announce any action in advance.

    Let us give them the benefit of doubt and let us see what happens at the next BOS meeting. Wait, that was tonight. We should at least give it a day or two for the information to come out as to whether or not some action has been taken. To be fair, let us give them until Monday and if we have not seen a public admonishment by then on the record, I will stand by your observation of failure.

    Unfortunately I could not attend as I had another engagement. Maybe someone who was able to attend can let us know if this item was even addressed.

    • Truth Hurts Reply

      April 11, 2014 at 4:55 am

      Maybe Joe Civitas attended.

  4. James Reply

    April 10, 2014 at 6:54 pm

    Fauquier County is an embarrassment to the entire Commonwealth of Virginia!

    The words of Holder Trumbo are the sentiments of the entire County Government that view the citizens as disposable that do not agree with them.

    This county has admitted to RETALIATION for any citizen that disagrees with them…. they are a walking breathing lawsuit and get ready… they have just opened the flood gates…

    The fact that Fauquier has ignored the people demanding Censure of Holder Trumbo has created a firestorm of distrust and litigation.

    This county attorney needs to be fired. Whomever is advising these clown bafoons should have their license to practice law revoked.

    A great many citizens in this county has a cause of action against Fauquier for retaliation and a host of other actions.

    What a terrible place to live and do business.

    A mess.

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