Liberal Immigration Policies Harming Children

By Anton Afterwit

I often make fun of the Liberal Left for their cries of, “But if we could only save one child” that they often trot out to support many of their whacky programs designed to spend your money.  Just another talking point that has no basis in fact and is only meant to pull your emotional heartstrings.  Unfortunately, they lack in principles and do not really care about the welfare of children which is evidenced by their stand on immigration.

The push by the Liberal Left for amnesty for illegals and especially for children who were brought to the country illegally has led to a massive influx of illegal immigrants who are women with children or just children travelling alone.  The Border patrol has documented cases of some minor children as young as 6 years old traveling alone.  And we are not talking about a small number.  We are talking about 10,000 in 2011 and an expectation that the number will reach 60,000 this year alone.  And since numbers are meaningless without perspective, Fauquier County Public Schools have 11,000 children in the system.  So imagine in years past we had all the children in Fauquier County crossing the border.  Now imagine 6 times that number.

Now that you see the scope, let us examine the experience these children face.  Many of these children are from Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala.  In case you are not familiar with geography, that is approximate 1300 miles or more from the southernmost part of Texas.  That is farther than the distance from New York to Miami; or Warrenton, VA to Oklahoma City, OK.  On this travel they are subject to random physical and sexual abuse by many along the way.  They are also subject to kidnapping, enslavement, and death.  It is estimated that at least half never make it and wind up as slaves to the Mexican Cartels as laborer or turned into prostitutes.  Many are introduced into drugs or turned into drug couriers.  Most suffer from a lack of nourishment and even water on their travels with many succumbing to their needs in the desert or in the border cities awaiting their travel into the US.  They cannot even seek help from the law enforcement or medical authorities in Mexico because they fear deportation back to their original country.

For those that do make it, they are then thrown into a detention center with thousands of other children.  Here they are subjected to diseases that they may not have experienced on the way and for which they have no immunity.  They are also subjected to physical and sexual abuse by other minors in the detention facilities and often will not speak up for fear of retribution or deportation.  And of course they are still subjected to emotional stress from their pseudo incarceration and integration into a society where they are unfamiliar.

The dangers are not limited to the minors that are coming from these countries.  There is also the risk these children pose to your children.  They bring with them diseases for which your children do not have immunity to.  They also bring experience with drugs and other behaviors that they continue even after integration as they do not have the same understanding of the behavior being unacceptable.  So as they are integrated into our school systems, they bring potential pandemic diseases and behavioral abnormalities with them.

You may think that the risk is small or that somehow your children may be immune.  If you are not familiar with any of the pandemic events from our history, let me remind you of a few.  1832-1849 Cholera Pandemic killed over 150,000 in the US.  1918-1919 Spanish Flu killed over 675,000 in the US.  1957-1958 Asian Flu killed over 70,000 in the US.  1968-1969 Hong Kong Flu killed over 34,000 in the US.  Our modern threats include MERS, SARS, Influenza, Avian Flu not to mention the vast number of non-fatal debilitating diseases that can be spread (West Nile, Lyme, Dengue Fever, or even Chikungunya just to name a few).

And as you think about this remember that the number of illegal immigrants caught is not the same as the number that are actually making it through without being caught.  It is estimated that 20 million and 40 million illegal aliens have evaded apprehension and live in the US.  According to governmental reports, the likelihood of being apprehended is only 35%.  So if we are catching 60,000, that means another 120,000 are not being caught.  And this is just the minor children, not the entire number of illegal immigrants.

Now is the time to get serious about illegal immigration.  The biggest threat the United States faces today is the wave of illegal entry into the United States.  Failing to address the problem is not going to solve it.




3 Responses to Liberal Immigration Policies Harming Children

  1. Dominic Ruibal Reply

    June 28, 2014 at 6:13 am

    You are back-pedaling. You called these children our biggest threat even though you admit they are refugees. It sounded xenophobic to me but maybe I misinterpreted. Then you tried to scare everyone into thinking every immigrant child they encounter is going to infect their children with some deadly infection when that is utter balderdash. Then you blame your political opposition’s hypothetical proposals for the surge of migration, when it is violence and propaganda on the part of drug gangs in central America that are at the root. Not to mention outdated drug policies championed by conservatives. So yes it sounds like you have an irrational fear of foreigners and play a little loose with the facts and the rhetoric to try to get people all riled up about a complex issue that can’t be solved with a simple “KICK EM ALL OUT!” approach. I’m not saying you hate Hispanics, I’m saying you are playing the fear card for political purposes. The fact that you author articles under a fake name and they sound a bunch of other articles on here im wondering if they are all written by the same man simply using an outsize internet influence to affect local elections for personal gain, “Anton”.

  2. Dominic Ruibal Reply

    June 19, 2014 at 6:41 am

    Newsflash Anton (what is with these ridiculous pseudonyms), people flee third world countries for the U.S. because their countries are poor and violent. U.S. immigration policy is secondary. I know plenty of immigrants who came here as children years ago, before all of these proposals. The more economic opportunity to be had here, the more immigrants will come. Also, by no means is a wave of hungry children our biggest threat. Stop trying whip people into a xenophobic frenzy.

    • Anton Afterwit Reply

      June 24, 2014 at 3:29 am

      Mr. Ruibal,

      Once again using labels against others to try and justify nonsense. Calling those who are against illegal entry into the US as xenophobic does little to address the realities, especially the health concerns raised by the illegal entry epidemic currently being experienced.

      For those who follow the process for legal access to the US, we have extensive controls that address the federally mandated health related grounds for exclusion. By US law, all foreign nationals seeking to come as legal permanent residents AND REFUGEES must undergo a medical examination. For those seeking a non-immigrant visa or admission at the port of entry, they may also be required to submit to medical examination depending on their country of origin and travel history. This medical examination includes a general physical examination and proof of immunizations as a minimum, and can include chest x-rays, blood tests or HIV anti-body tests. The results of the examination may result in denied entry into the US if the applicant has a communicable disease of public health significance or they fail to demonstrate they have been vaccinated against certain vaccine-preventable diseases.

      This is not a xenophobic policy but is based on the long-standing history of pandemics caused by immigration, both legal and illegal. Because of the conditions of illegal immigration, additional concern should be in play. Not only do many of the illegal immigrants come from squalid conditions, they also are subjected to conditions along the way with an increased exposure to communicable diseases and poor sanitation conditions.

      Maybe some facts from the US Department of State and CDC might help. In 2012, a total of 63% of reported TB cases in the United States occurred among foreign-born persons. The case rate among foreign-born persons (15.9 cases per 100,000) in 2012 was approximately 11 times higher than among U.S.-born persons (1.4 cases per 100,000). In recent years, tuberculosis (TB) has prompted greater concerns with health and screening officials in the United States, due in part to the development of drug resistant strains of the disease. These developments have caused agencies such as the CDC to implement instructions and preparedness plans for screening and handling travelers to the United States infected with TB. An estimated 2 billion people—one-third of the world’s population—are infected with Mycobacterium (M.) tuberculosis, the bacterium that causes TB, approximately 9 million of whom have transmissible TB disease.

      Sobering thoughts when thinking about why we have an immigration system to begin with and why there are problems with illegal immigration. I do not see anything in my post that shows an intense or irrational dislike or fear of people from other countries. I have traveled the world and have many friends and acquaintances of many different races, colors, creeds and national origins. And amazingly enough, they all have the same concerns about illegal immigration into the US (not to mention their native countries) and they are upset that they followed the laws while others are allowed to flagrantly break the laws without penalty.

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