Local Republican Leaders Ignore Big Event

New_Fauquier_PEC_Times_Sign-300x263[Editor’s note: This letter and the previous letter from Mr. Sherbeyn, were both submitted to the new Fauquier PEC Times. Even though the new owners of the local paper have stated that they intend to be fair and balanced, and represent the views of all the citizens of Fauquier, apparently they draw the line when a writer is critical of their agenda.]

The Liberty Farm Festival was, if not THE largest, one of the largest events in Fauquier County history. Over 1100 people attended the 6 hour Fall Harvest Festival and attendees drove from as far away as Virginia Beach in the east, Halifax in the south and Roanoke in the west.

Coverage of the Festival included local, state, and national media outlets. Media outlets that were present were Richmond Times Dispatch, Daily Press, NRA News, Fox 5, Fauquier Times, The Bull Elephant, Politico, WRIC (ABC), FauquierNow, Conservative Treehouse, ConservativeHQ, FOX News, ABC, NBC, CBS, The Hill, and the Washington Post.

lff_mike_penceNBC29 reported the “event in Fauquier County attracted all the big names in Virginia GOP politics, where Pence was the featured speaker.”

The Loudoun Tribune stated “Candidates running for governor, lieutenant governor and attorney general all took advantage to speak at the event before a welcoming audience…”

Additionally, several authors, religious leaders and military veterans spoke at the event, and there was a 911 tribute. Four members of the House of representatives also spoke, as well as former elected officials, including Virginia Gov. Jim Gilmore.”

lff_bounce_houseIt is important to note that this family-oriented event had a large children’s area where kids enjoyed the day romping in the two bounce houses, participating in pumpkin chucking, getting their faces painted, taking the barrel-ride around the venue, a hay-bale maze, a haypile, treasure hunt, enjoying miniature ponies and various arts and crafts projects.

So with all “Pumpkins and Politics” centered around Republicans of all stripes, where was the local Fauquier County Republican Committee (FCRC)?

Although the FCRC sent out information about the prior appearance of Mike Pence in Fredericksburg, there was not one official announcement from the FCRC even though every GOP statewide candidate was appearing at the event at Liberty Farm. There was not an FCRC booth at the event, nor was there a single member of the FCRC Executive Committee seen at the event.

And excluding Senator Jill Vogel, who spoke at the event, Sheriff Bob Moser, who was honored with a plaque and Michael Webert, who was a sponsor and revealed earlier that he had a previous conflict, there was a complete failure of any Republican elected official from the Fauquier County government to attend the event. These candidates profess to be Republicans and receive endorsements from the FCRC, yet they failed to show any support for the GOP contenders, both state and national.

Even more revealing, it has also been brought to our attention from reliable sources that certain members of the leadership of the FCRC worked to both stop the event and discourage some invited speakers from attending.

Naturally, one would ask why?

Why would the local Republican Committee officials work to denigrate such a popular event? Because, as we have said before, they are nothing more than front-men for the Piedmont Environmental Council; the same PEC that has terrorized the owner and event host Martha Boneta. The harassment of this local family farmer was endorsed by some members of our local BOS through their official actions. Their deplorable behavior resulted in the need for legislation to protect farmers. Without the backing of the PEC none of these candidates would get elected. So they turned their back on every GOP candidate in a Presidential election year to protect their re-election chances and preserve their cozy relationship with the PEC and their wealthy donors.

As Fauquier county conservatives we are embarrassed by the fact that our Republican committee and elected officials are controlled by liberal wealthy landowners who do not support conservative values. It’s time for county conservatives to wake up!

Maureen Riordan and Richard Mulder




3 Responses to Local Republican Leaders Ignore Big Event

  1. Waverly Woods Reply

    September 26, 2016 at 1:41 pm

    If it doesn’t help them and their cause then why would they help the average person or restoring our Republic??

  2. John Green Reply

    September 23, 2016 at 9:23 am

    I totally agree with these comments. We don’t really have a local Republican Committee, we have a tightly held group calling themselves Republicans that are more interested in PEC matters. I consider myself a person concerned about the environment. The people of Fauquier County need to take a fresh look at how we keep this a unique place to live. Plans that worked 20 years ago may not be suitable today. For example I believe the $45 million Opal Flyover was a waste of money but County Planners and VDOT were so far apart in their vision we ended up with wasting huge amounts of money. A Bealeton Bypass has been in future planning for a long time. Proper placement would solve the Opal and Bealeton problems.
    It’s time to take a fresh look at how to preserve our beautiful home.

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      November 13, 2016 at 9:17 pm

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