Martha Boneta named one of top 45 Country Women

Martha_Boneta_tomatoes_croppedIn recognition of her efforts to defend the property rights of Virginia farmers, Country Woman magazine, a Reader’s Digest publication with millions in circulation, has selected Fauquier’s own Martha Boneta as one of the          “Nation’s 45 Amazing Women“.

Martha Boneta has fought a difficult and protracted battle with the Piedmont Environmental Council and the Fauquier government, and has been the subject of several pieces of Virginia legislation to protect small family farmers and landowners from the over reach of conservation zealots and local government.

In a letter to supporters Boneta said, “I am humbled and dearly honored and thankful to represent Virginia, the land I love. This recognition would not have been possible without your tireless unshakeable determination and support. Most of all, I am so dearly blessed for the opportunity to know so many wonderful friends that helped make all of this possible.”

Those who know Boneta realize what a champion she has been. Although she does indeed have the support of hundreds if not thousands of Virginians, it is her tireless efforts which have kept the ball rolling and allowed Freedom to prevail.

Of the most recent legislation brought during the current session (HB 1488, brought by Delegate Brenda Pogge) Martha said, “I hope you will also support [this] new legislation in the 2015 General Assembly that provides standards and transparency of conservation groups, like the PEC. Currently, there are no best practice standards, oversight or remedies to protect property owners from abusive practices.”

She also thanks all Virginians for the opportunity to share her hopes and dreams.

You can read the latest on Boneta’s battle in this article at the Daily Signal.

Martha Boneta will also appear on the Jon Stossell show on Thursday, January 15th 2015.



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  1. Gregg Jones Reply

    January 11, 2015 at 6:03 pm

    It is interesting for me to how such organization as PEC and Fauquier BOS did not take her serious a few year ago. She was dismissed and told that her ideas had no credit or merit. However she has gained support in Richmond, national media, and recognition! PEC on the other hand has not had much progress. They stifle the local economy and their efforts in preserving our local landmarks has had little to show for any effort. Good luck to Ms Martha Boneta.

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