Military Under Attack

When I decided to run for delegate in the 99th District of Virginia, my mission was to change the debate from the mundane and inconsequential of local politics to focus on the alarming erosion of our Constitution and the Rule of Law, while working toward resurrecting the 10th Amendment. I knew whoever controls the dialog controls the debate, and few, if any, were addressing these issues at that time.  Little did I know that my entire platform of Constitutional liberty and re-infusing religious expression in the public square in 2009 would make me Public Enemy #1.

The FULL COURT PRESS that followed was astounding. No one could have prepared me for the entire Republican Slate conspiring to publically denounce me. Denounce me for what? Promoting Liberty? The Rule of Law? Quoting the Founding Fathers? Yep.

Had I not personally experienced such bizarre attacks from the party I spent my life supporting I would find the demonization of our military, in particular, “returning Vets”, impossible to conceive of. The list of patently offensive remarks and publications denouncing our veterans are well documented, but most egregiously are those published by the Department of Homeland Security, aka, Obama’s SS.

In concert with the attacks on the character of our military is the propaganda warfare within the military against us.

Incredibly, an Army Training Manuel publication in 2013 identified “Evangelical Christians, Catholics, Mormons, and Jews as ‘domestic terrorists’. They were listed with Al Qaeda, Hamas, The Muslim Brotherhood, (which has been invited/allowed to completely infiltrate the White House and Pentagon…), and the KKK!

So while we are being propagandized to distrust our military, they are being propagandized to distrust us. The natural partnership and respect between us is being eroded. I contend that such a bond must be weakened, if not broken, for the militarization of our domestic police to rule the day when the final hammer comes down.

Is it any wonder that those who have demonstrated the most consistent patriotic fervor, willing to seal their commitment in their own life’s blood, are under attack by this administration? The Veteran’s Administration “Wait Lists” to delay/prevent veteran care is not an oversight, not an omission, it is deliberate in its wicked intent to kill off those who pose the greatest threat to prevent the over throw of America from within.

The 2012 NDAA, (National Defense Authorization Act), unconstitutionally authorized the arrest, detention, ‘rendition’ (torture), of American citizens ANYWHERE, ANY PLACE, ANY TIME WITHOUT DUE PROCESS, IF said American is SUSPECTED of associating with ‘terrorists’.

In the NDAA 2013, The Smith-Mundt Act of 1948 and Foreign Relations Authorization Act in 1987 that banned domestic propaganda was unconstitutionally ‘legalized’. Will the militarized domestic agencies, which are now legion, be implemented to round up demonized patriots while our military ‘stands down’ because they have been propagandized to view us as the enemy?



On Memorial Day, I cornered the Key Note Speaker of our Memorial event, an extremely distinguished Active Military Officer. I asked him if he was concerned about the demonization of the military. Without hesitation, his wife nodding vigorously over his shoulder, he affirmed he was deeply concerned and offended. He declared that one could only imagine where all of this was leading.

As a “Conspiracy Theorist”, (Those who question known liars…), I am convinced this is designed to cause the majority of freedom loving, God-fearing Americans, those of us who should be natural allies, to be suspicious of one another.

This propaganda conspiracy is meant to create a circular firing squad.

Catherine Crabill




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  1. Matthew Souter Reply

    October 31, 2015 at 6:33 pm

    Like clockwork, the surveillance planes have been abuzz here in Fauquier today, following my recent submissions to FFC, and communications to other resources.
    My neighbors have become savvy to the activity surrounding my premises, no longer mocking my claims that the government is overreaching their bounds with spying on even the lowliest of falsely perceived threats.
    The truth really ticks them off. Anyone can google “DEA planes from Bristow” or “Stingray phone tracker” and I’ll remain vindicated…one day I’ll be exonerated from the false charges put upon me by a corrupted justice system here in Fauquier, perhaps dead long before, but never by my own doing.
    They can only kill us once, but they’ll tax us to death forever. By remaining silent, or simply ignorant, we’re helping feed the beast.
    Stay alert citizens, and never discount that guy telling you the sky is falling…they can make that happen, too! Just google “haarp”, and then really start to worry about “Agenda 21”.
    Stop hiding from the truth and help save yourselves from the evil at our doorstep, as it’s “trickled down” far enough, and the next step is to effect the UN gun grab, thanks to the “UN Small Arms Treaty”, illegally signed by dictate by Obama’s very own henchmen. The storm’s coming sooner than we can imagine.
    Matthew Souter

  2. Matthew Souter Reply

    October 31, 2015 at 11:31 am

    Catherine Crabill speaks the truth in this article and I’m so sorry, and sleeplessly concerned, our nation does not have more honest, educated truth-seekers such as her. It is so refreshing to see someone other than myself putting herself on the line in the constant struggle for freedom. That’s REAL FREEDOM, REAL COMPASSION, REAL PATRIOTISM…to speak on behalf everyone, regardless of the consequences, and potential retributions, of which she’s certainly AWARE.
    My problem is that I’m willing to speak with ANYONE, ANYWHERE and ANYTIME about the same issues she’s mentioned in this article, as well as “conspiracy theories turning factual” such as the dangers of Chemtrails, Geo-politically motivated Weather-modification, GMO’s, Fluoridation, Bio-Mass Applications into our local ground and drinking water, and many more problems which have been thrust upon us from “the Dark-Side of Politics” more so since her contribution to FFC last June, 2014.
    Most of us, regardless of our demographic backgrounds, are becoming more aware every day, and sense the worst is yet to come. We need to continue the dialog, at all costs.
    My cost most recently came in the form of a “punk-swatting”, and moreover, a slew of subsequent retribution by “the authorities” and “controlled press”, and unfortunately has not been limited to me.
    I do not affiliate with any one “click or branded political party”, and don’t always agree with everything one person has to say, so anyone reading my comments can give up on pigeon-holing me before you even start. Those who call truth “hate” only hate the truth.
    Just sayin’…
    Stand Tall, but learn when to duck.
    M. Souter

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