Names of Democrat Supporters on Fauquier Republican Committee Ballot Revealed!

Yesterday we posted an article by one of our staff researchers that uncovered that fact that three of Mr. Russell’s candidates for At-large seats on the Fauquier Republican committee are in fact supporters of Democrats.

Mr Russell claimed, in a recent email, that these three individuals are solid Republicans with the “leadership qualities and experience to help lead the Fauquier County Republican Committee”, and are they “dedicated to keeping Fauquier County solidly in Republican hands”.

They are in fact three people who were recruited by Mr. Russell to run for these At-large seats because his campaign had a panic attack when Mr. Jones’ campaign encouraged new Republicans to join the committee during this canvass cycle.

There has been an overwhelming demand from readers to reveal the names of these three candidates prior to tomorrow’s election at the Warrenton Community Center, 430 E. Shirley between 9AM and 2PM, where the Republican committee leadership will be determined.

The successful candidates from tomorrow’s election will be your Fauquier Republican leaders for the next two years.

If you are a Republican who is concerned about this turn of events, and the possibility of Democrats running your Republican committee, then you may want to do your homework and come out to vote in the election.

The names of the three candidates as reported on HERE are:

At-Large Candidate #1 – Jessica Swan

At-Large Candidate #2 – Kitty Smith

At-Large Candidate #3 – Leslie Cheek III

The entire list of candidates for tomorrow’s election can be viewed HERE.



2 Responses to Names of Democrat Supporters on Fauquier Republican Committee Ballot Revealed!

  1. Ziggy Reply

    March 22, 2014 at 12:21 pm


    Just because three of your candidates have been outed, please don’t try to misdirect everyone. I am sure the folks at the polls can tell you which platform the individuals are associated with.

    Personally, if I saw these three names on a slate of recommended candidates I would have to dismiss that recommendation as not being fully researched and the candidates associated with them would not get my vote.

    Not sure how you can say you are a Conservative Republican while donating heavily to the Democrat Party. Either you are not telling the truth or you lack the principles necessary to be a leader of the Republican Party.

  2. gandskruchten Reply

    March 22, 2014 at 9:19 am

    Please list the names of the candidates and what they stand for who are in opposition to Jessica Swan, Kitty Smith and Lelie Cheek

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