Opal Gateway Inspires Hope and Commitment in Fauquier County

by Kate Warzinski

Opal Gateway inspires a sense of hope and commitment in Fauquier County. There is a sense of hope, not only for the youth who can benefit from a pediatric rehabilitation center, but for those who would like to see praiseworthy business development brought to our county. Opal Gateway also brings hope to those who can benefit from new jobs and guaranteed annual tax revenue each year.

pediatric_cardiology_patientDr. Abdallah’s rehabilitation center will bring families hope that their disabled children may be given useful tools to improve their lives. It will provide outpatient services for patients coming from all over the country. Dr. Abdallah’s hope for a better life for disabled youth is evident by his unfailing commitment to bring us the Pediatric Rehabilitation Village at Opal Gateway.

This project will bring something very positive to Fauquier County. Opal Gateway will generate around 300 new jobs in Opal. Not only will there be jobs in health care, but there will be work available in hospitality, food service, retail, and construction. As a mother of children who are finishing their education, there is little opportunity for my sons and daughters to find employment in our county once they graduate. With Opal Gateway, there is hope that more of our young people will be able to find work and settle here. With the addition of hundreds of new jobs, Opal Gateway will collectively provide one of the largest employment opportunities in Fauquier County.

With Opal Gateway, there is hope for moving Fauquier County forward to become truly “business friendly” so that we will continue to attract high quality industry here. Business development supports the economic viability of our county. As stated in the goals for the Fauquier County Comprehensive Plan 1992–2010, we strive “to encourage economic development which will result in a net tax benefit” and “create needed job opportunities.” We hope for the approximately $700,000 in tax revenue generated annually from Opal Gateway. This income will be helpful as we cover deficits in the public school budget as well as other budget needs.

Easements_Fauquier_2012There is hope that we will continue to have one of the most picturesque counties in the Commonwealth. With almost 98,000 acres designated in conservation easement, about 25% of Fauquier County land is now perpetually protected from development. With so much land set aside for conservation, we must come up with a strategy to make up for lost tax income from the county’s Purchase of Development Rights program. We must do this without raising taxes for homeowners.  The plan has been to attract high quality business such as Opal Gateway to increase the county’s tax base. Opal Gateway will provide the tax income necessary to keep conservation a priority in Fauquier County.  Dr. Abdallah plans to create a very lovely setting for the Pediatric Rehabilitation Village. The architectural plan for buildings and the addition of numerous splendid trees will enhance the natural beauty of the Opal Gateway setting.

The Pediatric Rehabilitation Village will include a multi-disciplinary team of pediatric cardiologists, neurologists, endocrinologists, and hematologist/oncologists. Dr. Abdallah has already demonstrated his level of commitment to the Opal Gateway project by hiring a pediatric endocrinologist and two pediatric hematologist/oncologists for the Children’s Heart Institute in Manassas. He continues to work on staffing which will eventually support the Pediatric Rehabilitation Village in Opal.

Dr. Abdallah shows a steady sense of commitment to bring a nationally-recognized children’s rehabilitation center to our county. This noble physician finds it a great honor to work with children who have chronic and disabling conditions. Nothing brings him greater happiness than the care and treatment of children with serious chronic disease. He is devoted to creating a facility which will bring a level of attention to Opal similar to what the Mayo Clinic did for the small town of Rochester, Minnesota.

Dr_William_J_MayoDr. Abdallah’s approach to setting up the Pediatric Rehabilitation Village is very similar to that of Dr. William W. Mayo, the founding father of the Mayo Clinic. Like Dr. Mayo, Dr. Abdallah is a pioneer who sees the benefit of bringing together a team of practitioners to create a synergy. The combination of the parts of his Pediatric Rehabilitation Village will equal something infinitely greater than the parts are worth individually. Dr. Abdallah knows that if he can assemble a high caliber team of practitioners, their collective knowledge and skills will help to create a facility which will be unstoppable in excellence.

We sincerely hope that the Fauquier County Board of Supervisors will vote in favor to bring us the Pediatric Rehabilitation Village and Opal Gateway in February. We are looking for commitment from the Supervisors to nurture this project. Show your support for a forward thinking doctor who is passionate about helping children with disabilities. Come to the public hearing at this pivotal Board of Supervisors meeting on February 13th at 6:30 p.m. in the Warren Green Building in Warrenton. Speak out to make a positive change for the future of Fauquier County!



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  1. Madge Eicher Reply

    February 10, 2014 at 8:25 am

    This Thursday, Feb. 13t h at 6:30 PM every citizen of Fauquier County who is in the need of tax relief and jobs should come to the Warren Green Building and tell our Supervisors how badly we need Opal Gateway to be passed and NOW. Nothing better has been offered and this is what all Supervisors have for years been saying we need. This is the type of clean commercial development with jobs for every sector they have been asking for. What more could you ask for or want??? Without public pressure, our Supervisors will ignore those people who were elected to represent us. Come and stand for what is good for our County. Madge Eicher

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