“With Pitchforks, Prayers and Persistence, ‘Paris Barns’ is OPEN FOR BUSINESS! The Boneta Bill Rules”

Tom White’s headline to his superb article says it all on this Independence Day. Those who have been to Martha Boneta’s Liberty Farm can relate to Tom’s article, which captures the essence of this peaceful, “magical” place:

“We drove through the gate and I told Martha that I felt as though I had left the planet and stepped into a magical land. You simply cannot describe the beauty of this place with words or even pictures. There were goats, turkeys, Emu’s, a pig, ducks, and quite a few other creatures that were all just walking around and hanging out.

martha_boneta_claude_moore_farm“Martha began showing us around and I was amazed that almost every animal had a name. I suspect Martha has named them all but I don’t know that for a fact. And none of the birds have their wings clipped. Martha explained that they stay because they want to. And at night, they are allowed to bunk with whomever they want. I had a feeling that if the book “Charlotte’s Web” had not already been written, it would have been inspired by Paris Barns. I looked for a spider, but didn’t see one.”

You don’t get that picture reading the petty whining and ideological poppycock printed at Fauquier Times, aka, The Minority Report, which simply reprints the talking points of Warrenton’s busybodies, and runs hit pieces against liberty in support of unbridled zoning power with racist roots.

Poor Fauquier Supervisor Lee Sherbeyn doesn’t seem to understand why people across Virginia love Martha and her cause, but despise Fauquier County government, its supervisors, and zoning villain Kim Johnson, who charged Martha with violating the law for having a birthday party.

The ideologically strategic Minority Report put poor Lee Sherbeyn out front this week because he’s at least got a track record of opposing the draconian winery ordinance and a few other dimwitted schemes by his colleagues. Sherbeyn is not the original reason why Fauquier County keeps getting sued and is consider by Richmond and elsewhere as the imbecile county government of the Old Dominion, but his weakness and confusion of principle is exposed when someone puts a microphone in front of him.

In this week’s Fauquier Times article about the Boneta Bill’s taking effect, Sherbeyn said about the Boneta Bill that all this rancor could have been avoided had Martha paid a $150 permit fee. Huh.

Apologist Sherbeyn ignores the conditions, restrictions and potential fines that came with the permit ordinance Fauquier enacted in 2011 and only tried to enforce against Martha Boneta while ignoring PEC farmers. Zoning was and is being enforced in a discriminatory way.

Over in York County, permits have been construed by the local zoning official as reason to start unauthorized onsite inspections of private property (“Despite Boneta Bill, York County Permit Holders Face Warrantless Inspections”). Bureaucrats see permits as reason to expand their power, snoop, and even bully citizens on their private property.

Bostonians were already paying a small and affordable tea tax. They revolted because England kept adding conditions, which is what a simple $150 permit allows. People outside government have principles, and are smart enough to understand bureaucrat mission creep.

The Five Clowns

The Five Clowns

The busybodies and arrogant good ole boors in Warrenton who want to ‘permit this’ and ‘permit that’ are not about the health, safety and welfare of the community. They like the power and control that comes with permits. They want to know what people do on private property, as they’ve said, so they can hold citizens under their thumbs – control them.

What the Boneta Bill does in just a small way is address the need for local government to be governed by the rule of law that protects our basic liberties. Local control needs control under the rule of law.

The busybodies and arrogant good ole boors need to learn to leave Fauquier citizens alone to earn a living, pursue their happiness, and to create their own Liberty Farms if they want to. As stated in the document we celebrate today:

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

This Independence Day in Fauquier County has a special flavor because Martha Boneta and citizens fought to protect their pursuit of happiness, and won.





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  1. Ziba Reply

    July 4, 2014 at 2:47 pm

    The greatest majority of businessduring board of supervisior’s meetings is approving exemtions for county zoning and fees. If exeptions are made on such a scale one might suggest the laws and fees are unneccessary.

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