Popovich states vision for Fauquier Republican committee

Fellow Fauquier Republican,

Peter_PopovichMy name is Peter Popovich.  I have lived in Fauquier County for 29 years, I have been a Republican all my life and I am running to chair the Fauquier County Republican Committee.  I am writing to ask for your support.

So why am I running and what differences can I make?  I have been on the committee for almost two years and I would have to say that although it is a very nice group of people, the committee is not led or motivated to really advance the Republican Party in Fauquier.   Hardly anyone in the community even knows that the committee exists!  The committee is very small (about 60) and has been purposely kept small to make it easier for a few to control.

Virginia is not reliably Republican anymore. This year the winner of Virginia will likely be the President.  Republicans get beat because the Democrats are more organized, better motivated, and much better at grass-roots campaigning.  We can learn from them.  Under the existing leadership, our committee has no activity to organize precincts and there is no effort to get Republicans registered to vote, to keep them regularly informed, and to motivate them.   It takes organizational skills, and a leader with the talent to gather and energize good folks who are concerned about the direction of our great country.  It takes someone who is willing to do the hard work to find good people to step up and get involved as a team.  I commit to you to begin that task immediately, with a joyful spirit, as we move forward.

In my time on the committee, I have not seen a single charity fund raiser. This needs to change.  I have also not seen a committee organized phone bank, or any “get-out-the-vote” campaign.  Candidates have worked hard but not the committee.   This needs to change as well, and you have my commitment to bring energy and new ideas, grow the numbers on the committee, and increase the awareness of the community to both our existence and our ideas as we expand. The committee should be actively helping in local, state and national elections.   There must be a “technology” committee with responsibility to set up ways to get out the vote that is not being utilized today.  There are systems available that permit contacting voters easily.  I commit to you that these systems will be implemented should you put your faith in me on April 2nd

The Republican Party of Virginia has insisted, through the efforts of key individuals on my team, that our committees have the ability to be enlarged this year.  The current leadership has tried to keep that number to 83 voting members to no avail. (See more on this at  ) There will be 187 voting members on the committee after the election with a total number of 213 member seats available. We have recruited a large number of people to run for the committee and are working hard to get them all elected.   Our candidates are full of energy and just waiting to get a chance to help turn things around.

In my 30 years at IBM, I was always known as a team builder and that is what I want to do for Republicans in Fauquier County.   And I want us to be a key part of the overall Virginia team that wins Virginia for Republicans in November and beyond.   I commit to you to insure our team will quickly come together after this committee election – current and new members – to form an effective, very visible, and energized team that enthusiastically works to win every time we compete.

Please make plans to spend just an hour of your time this coming Saturday, April 2nd from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM to help me further Conservatism here in Fauquier County. There are two polling locations for your convenience, The Warrenton Community Center, 430 E Shirley Ave in Warrenton and the Remington Lions Club 11326 James Madison Hwy in Bealeton.

Stop by the “Fauquier Cornerstone Committee” table to get our sample ballot.

And remember to bring Valid Identification!

I have attached the Editorial from the March 23rd Fauquier Times about the election. Please take a couple of minutes to read it; it is very informative.
I hope to have the privilege of meeting you on April 2nd!
Peter Popovich, Broad Run



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