Reader responds to FTD Editorial on “Two Boys Kissing”

[Editor’s note: The following letter from a reader was sent to the Fauquier Times (Democrat; aka, the Minority Report) over a week ago as a reply to an editorial posted there. It has yet to be printed in that publication. This letter is a shortened version of the original letter.]

To the Editor

I am writing in response to an article in the “Opinion & Commentary” dated April 9th in the Fauquier Democrat. I almost never respond to articles in the paper or elsewhere but I felt I had to respond to the twisted commentary and state some facts and set the record straight about this one sided liberal indoctrination article.

I would like to ask the school about their method of choosing literature and I would like to know when “kiddy porn” became legitimized as a high literature? I wouldn’t be surprised if this book violates school policy, regardless of which sex is kissing which sex.

I would be more interested in knowing whether or not displaying the book violates “the CDM” Law- Contributing to the Delinquency of a Minor which states in part “… child pornography, visual representation of minors under the age of 18 …visual representation of minors in lewd or erotic behavior….”,  I think maybe the local Sheriff should investigate this. Certainly just about every student in the school is under 18, and I suspect some laws have been broken.

Let’s talk about bullying since you brought it up:

  1.    The only documented act of terrorism over gay issues in the United States was carried out by Floyd Lee Corkins II against the Family Research Council (FRC), a Christian nonprofit that advocates for the traditional marriage of one man one woman. Mr. Corkins entered FRC with a gun, and his intent was to kill as many people at FRC as he could. He was stopped after he shot a guard who bravely subdued him even though the guard was wounded, and that guard saved untold lives that day. M. Corkins was an employee of a liberal hate group the “Southern Poverty law Center”.
  2. Ironically the U.S. Air Force which swears an Oath to support & defend the Constitution of the United State is being questioned in hearings at the Capitol because of religious intolerance that has been going on since the Obama administration took office.
  3.   In 2008 Brendon Eich (CEO of Mozilla) gave one thousand dollars to support Proposition 8 which passed with a majority vote, and at that time Obama supported traditional marriage. This past week Mr. Eich resigned because of intense pressure from the intolerant crowd of Gay activists and liberal groups who were not very tolerant of his views.

Hmmm, yes I think we need to have a lot more discussion about Bullying but not the way you seem to think.

There are a few things I think we agree on.

I do agree that it is not the place of public schools to teach my children morality. I think that is my right. If you don’t want the 10 commandments displayed in school, or prayer to be part of school, that’s fine, but keep your morality away from and out of sight of my children.

Do as you wish at home. At school your job is to educate, (reading, math etc.).

And really!! Teaching kids to learn to think by placing kiddy porn in the school library?

Why don’t we just display a book about how to make beer, how to do drugs safely, or maybe books about my three moms and two dads, or how I married my donkey?  Please!!

Since when did the school library become public? Do you mean any person can walk in off the street and use the school library? I don’t think that is wise if it is the case.

I was really insulted by your slap in the face comment about children learning by “repeating what parents believe”; oh and I guess you believe parents are not capable of teaching our children how to be discerning?

Come to my house one weekend. I will teach you some skills that you are lacking. Starting with character. I will also educate you on how to live a life with a higher calling versus living in the gutter.

Lastly what is so disturbing about the leadership at this paper [Fauquier Times (Democrat)] and the school library is this:

Leadership must avoid actual or apparent use of position to promote personnel, political, religious, and sexual beliefs to those that they oversee.

The librarian and this paper have used their position of power to be used to influence the under aged and developing minds of our future generation; they have become propaganda tools for the far left and terrorists like Floyd Corkin II.

You have given preferential treatment to a view that is held by a minority, and you have not allowed the parents or students private convictions to be honored. Instead you have used your position to supersede the family’s convictions and the majority of Americans.

Jerry Stanley II                                                                                                                                                         Amissville



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  1. Madge Eicher Reply

    April 22, 2014 at 9:09 pm

    I really wonder how many of the School Administration and Teachers consider themselves Christians. Is putting a book in our school library that is narrated by demons proper in a Christian nation? Has anyone considered this In view of Romans 1:26+27? Madge Eicher

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