Republicans Vote Against Free Markets and For Tax Hikes at Supervisors’ Meeting

republican_logoBy FFC Staff

In case you missed the February meeting of the Fauquier Board of Supervisors (BoS), which happened on Valentine’s Day, here’s a quick summary of a couple of the important votes that took place:

Once again the anti-free market winery ordinance was focused upon. The ordinance passed in July 2012 with Republicans Chris Granger (Center District), Chester Stribling (Lee District), and Chairman Holder Trumbo (Scott District) all voting in favor along with Independent Peter Schwartz (Marshall District). Republican Lee Sherbeyn (Cedar Run District) voted in opposition.

But at last week’s BoS meeting, instead of voting to fully repeal the ordinance, which is already the subject of about a dozen lawsuits, the Supervisors were only considering a special exception permit for one winery, Barrel Oak.

Supporters of Barrel Oak caused the building to shake with their stomping from the room above the main meeting space and clapping all throughout the halls and into the other rooms. There was a lot of Valentine’s Day love for Barrel Oak, but there wasn’t much love for free market economic principles.

The large crowd seemed thrilled when the exception passed (4-1), but what was really accomplished? One winery business, one family, in all of Fauquier was given a sliver of their liberty back and ability to make a decent living for themselves. Obstacles to freedom and prosperity are still in place for every winery in Fauquier, as well as roadblocks for potential new businesses that may want to move into the county.

And when the vote was called, even the Independent on the board, Mr. Schwartz, voted to give that small piece of freedom back to Barrel Oak, while Chairman Holder Trumbo was the sole dissenting vote.

Another item on the agenda was for a tax hike in Marshall to pay for street improvements in the downtown area. Republicans Granger and Stribling joined Schwartz in voting for the tax hike, while Sherbeyn voted against the measure, and Chairman Trumbo abstained.

Marshall property owners downtown will have 2 cents added to their county real estate tax levy to repay a $643,000 loan from the county government. The tax will cost citizens about an extra $50 annually on $250,000 worth of real estate, and will be in place for 12 to 14 years. This may not seem like much money for most people, but the effects of further local tax hikes on top of more tax increases at other levels of government are sure to take their toll.

“Nobody’s bringing up the main issue: Can these homeowners afford this?” Mary Jane Stringfellow said at the BoS hearing according to Fauquier Now.

The news service reports:

Ms. Stringfellow said her family of three, which has health issues and no health insurance, must live on income of $44,000 a year. Each monthly mortgage payment takes $1,200.

“Fifty dollars is a lot to me,” she said. “I can’t go hungry . . . I’m on the very edge of giving my home up. I cannot afford” the tax hike.

Why make a specific point about how the Republican votes came down? Because the Republican Party markets itself as the party of lower taxes and free market economics. Votes against economic prosperity are bad for any elected official no matter what their political party, but for these Republicans, there’s also an issue of principle at play.

When we look at what the Republican Party stands for across the country, and what the GOP grassroots stand for, our Republican Supervisors in Fauquier have obviously lost touch with the principles espoused by their political party, and their constituents.



5 Responses to Republicans Vote Against Free Markets and For Tax Hikes at Supervisors’ Meeting

  1. Madge Eicher Reply

    February 20, 2013 at 9:39 am

    Barrel Oaks did what was necessary to make the Fauq. Co. B.O.S. admit they were wrong. By granting the Secial Exception to B.O.W. they admitted that the “Winery Ordinance” will not stand up in court. It could save Fauq. Co. Taxpayers some money as THE TAXPAYER (which includes B.O.W.) will pay the court costs for this lawsuit. Yes, it is a crying shame for anyone who is practicing the basics of Free Enterprise to have to go to these ends to continue to pay taxes, contribute sales tax and jobs to the county and restore an historical landmark home. This County Government is as upside down as the Federal Government. Madge Eicher

  2. Real patriot Reply

    February 19, 2013 at 9:19 pm

    Amazed you are going after b.o.w. So he got his, big deal. He is running a business – you are going to argue that he isn’t entitled to some level of prosperity?? Or only the same level as every other winery? Welcome to the free market. He made certain choices for his own economic prosperity. Who are you to judge j. Adams?

    • No WOW at BOW Reply

      February 19, 2013 at 10:59 pm

      Who are YOU to judge “FAKE Real Patriot” aka Brian Roeder aka Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing? You certainly have no problem judging the Paris farmer, now do you?

      I don’t care that your wine sucks for my taste or that you have 10000 cars, kids, lights, noise and a flea market in your winery selling widgets from China. Good for you. Your land zoned RA, so do whatever you want on it to make a buck. I hope you make millions and drive your NIMBY neighors nuts. I love Capitalism! Free Market rules! May all the farmers thrive in Virginy! But don’t be a hypocrit and judge your neighbor Brian. Just saying. Not cool. Hard to respect that dude.

  3. Disgusted Fauquier Citizen Reply

    February 19, 2013 at 8:24 pm

    Roeder got his…and to hell with everyone else. You think this is freedom? Get a clue. Roeder is no stellar example of farmer’s rights and he does not give a rat’s patoot about any other winery or their stuggles. He will and has sold those vintners out at the drop of a hat. Not to mention his that lousy grape juice he sells for wine couldn’t get 10 cents a glass if he sold the swill off site.

  4. J. Adams Reply

    February 19, 2013 at 6:52 pm

    RINOS you mean… this is disgusting…one man Roeder walks away with a slice of freedom and everyone is celebrating! I think it is the saddest day ever in Fauuqier…when Americans have to beg for freedom and when given a sliver of their rights back that were stollen from them, we all cheer and celebrate!?!??!??

    I refuse to “bow” at the throne of tyranny, I will take all my freedom and will engage in civil disobedience at all the wineries and farms. Let these beaurocrats try to stop me.

    The rest of you that want to celebrate one man’s benefit at the cost of all the other wineries and farms have no idea of the horrible ramifications of what BOW did to every small farmer and winery.

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