Rick Buchanan – Why I’m supporting Ed Gillespie for Governor

Next year is a big year for us in Virginia. After four years under Clinton crony Terry McAuliffe, we need a governor that conservatives can count on.

As I’ve gotten to know Ed Gillespie, I’ve been impressed by his commitment to the Constitutional principle of limited government and his support for policies that protect personal liberty and foster freedom in our Commonwealth and our Country.

Ed is a true movement conservative.  He is an ardent advocate for religious liberty, our Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms, private property rights, and the protection of innocent human life.  He and his wife Cathy have demonstrated their dedication to our nation’s founding principles through their generous support (financial and over 14,000 volunteer hours) of constitutional education programs in the public, private and home school communities.

As governor, Ed will advance policies based on these principles.  He knows that we must reform our schools and give parents greater control over our children’s education.  He will put an end to McAuliffe’s rolling blanket restoration of rights to violent felons.  He will lay out a substantive plan that includes tax and regulatory relief to spur much-needed economic growth in Virginia.  And we can count on Ed to restore fiscal discipline in Richmond.

Ed is a tireless campaigner who has proven he can share our conservative ideas in a way that appeals to all Virginians.  In 2014, he unified our party to nearly defeat the supposedly unbeatable Mark Warner, despite being abandoned by the national party and so-called conservative super PACs.  He can again bring all Republicans – and all Virginians – together to win in 2017.

Ed would be an honest, ethical and principled servant leader worthy of Virginia. I am proud to endorse and support him to be our next governor, and urge you to do the same.


Rick Buchanan                                                                                                                                                                                                             Warrenton




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  1. Mies Rohe Reply

    December 6, 2016 at 6:07 pm

    How long has it been since Republicans won a state-wide Virginia election?

    Without the crutch of gerrymandering, Republicans simply are not competitive in Virginia.

    Shame, that. The numbers do not lie. Even the right-to-work amendment went down in flames. The Commonwealth is a reliable vote for Democrats running for White House, Senator, Governor.

    Wake up. Maybe Trump will teach you something.

  2. Byron G. Reply

    December 6, 2016 at 5:09 pm

    Ed Gillespie has never been elected to public office. Not even a county school board position. YOU have no idea if ED is conservative or not. Without a voting record, YOU have no idea how ole Ed will govern. He’s from a New Jersey Democratic family. Not from Virginia- moved to DC suburbs to work in Washington.

    Ed worksd in the George W. Bush White House. Remember that agenda? Two unfunded wars, Trillions in DEBT for oil. Unfunded Medicare Part D which drove drug costs for seniors over 65 through the roof, millions of Illegals poured across the border with Mexico and they called it compassionate conservativism while the illegals bankrupted local city and county budgets. A Near Depression and then TARP.
    Goldman Sachs Treasury Seccretary Hank Paulsen oversaw the bankruptcy of its two competitors Lehman Brothers and Bear Stearns. The Patriot Act. 9-11 happened on his watch those cozy visits at Crawford Ranch with the Saudi’s.
    and George eliminated Light Bulbs. A decade of Wounded Warrior commercials on TV convinced Americans that 8 years of George W. Bush was worth 8 years of Barack Hussein Obama, a COMMUNIST.

    Ed supported single payer health care in his book. Now that is NOT CONSERVATIVE.

    Then Ed parlayed his Washington experiience into a Lobbyist job at Enron. Remember Enron? Remember Ken Lay, CEO of Enron? that Ponzi Scheme that Al Gore cooked up to pass legislation to tax Carbon ( air and water) so they could TRADE it and make billions off taxpayers and corporate America?

    Oh yes- Enron Ed Gillespie- will not be the next Governor of Virginia. Because if the Stupid Tea Party and Republican Party of Virginia nominates that clown then Dr. Ralph Northam, VMI graduate and native Viriginia Son, will become the next Governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia.

    • jcivitas Reply

      December 7, 2016 at 7:55 pm

      Donald J. Trump was never elected to public office; Nuff’ said…

      J. Civitas

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