Seventy turn out to support Cameron Jones for FCRC Chairman

by Staff

This reporter recently attended what was billed as a Meet and Greet for Cameron Jones, a candidate for the Chair position of the Fauquier County Republican Committee. The event was held at the professionally appointed Stoneridge Event Center in Warrenton, VA.

M&G_crowd_PicIt turned out to be a very interesting evening. Some of the local elected officials attended and mingled with 70 – 80 Fauquier residents from all over the county. The mood was upbeat and positive and the buzz around the room was that the local party would enjoy new membership. The petitions required to apply for voting membership in the committee were being carried around the room by those that wanted to become members. Petition signatures of registered voters are part of the requirements noted in the recently published Call in the local papers and posted on the Republican Party website.

Before the program began, Rick Buchanan, the Master of Ceremonies for the evening, explained the Call for the assembled Republicans and urged all attending to join the Fauquier County Republican Committee and attend the two conventions listed in the Call. He stated it is very important that everyone become involved in local politics.

Then, local Pastor James Ramsak set the tone for the evening with a moving invocation asking for the wisdom and knowledge to brace the candidates for the rigors of the upcoming campaign. It was such a meaningful prayer I asked the Pastor for his notes. I felt it appropriate to quote a paragraph that brings the entire gathering into prospective: “We finally pray for courage. Courage to choose to do the right thing, again and again – as often as it is necessary. Courage to find a path that unifies us in our quest for a vibrant community. Courage to take the higher moral ground, so that we may not only run the race with integrity and determination, but in such a way as to be satisfied that we have done so in a manner that is pleasing to You.”


Shak Hill

After the prayer, Mr. Buchanan recognized the local elected officials, other notable County residents and a candidate for US Senate, Shak Hill. There were two speakers that were then introduced.

Eric Herr, the First District Republican Chairman spoke to his experiences working with Mr. Jones. He stated that Cam served not only as the First District representative from Fauquier, but that he had also appointed him to a Vice Chair position within the District Committee. He described Cam as an energetic worker who knew how to get out the vote. He went on to describe his successes in increasing voter turn-out in the precincts he had worked in the previous two elections.

The next speaker was long time conservative writer and fund raiser, Richard Viguerie. Mr. Viguerie, known as the “Funding Father” of the modern day Conservative Movement, spoke with authority from his vast experience on the topic of advancing conservatism. He stressed the importance of getting involved in local politics to all attending. He coincidentally referred to his longtime friend and associate, Phyllis Schlafly, whose Eagle Forum publication entitled “The Most Powerful Office InThe World Is NOT The President of the United States!” was placed on the sign-in table for all to take with them.

Next, Mr. Jones was introduced by Fauquier resident and Republican State Committee Member Peyton Knight. Peyton described meeting Cam while both were working to get George Allen elected. He did not learn until much later that Cam had worked very hard to attain the nomination for Jamie Radtke in the primary which George Allen eventually won. Peyton noted that this is the kind of principled leadership needed to guide the Fauquier County Republican Party.

Cameron_Speaking_to_SupportersThen came Cam’s time to speak. His message was one of Unity and Growth. When asked in an interview after the meeting, what message sums up his 10 minute talk that ranged from discussing his military service, an introduction of his family members, his love of the political work he has done in Fauquier County and his vision for the future of the Party in Fauquier, he said, “I’m trying to foster an environment of Team work; of Unity and Inclusiveness; of ‘We not Me’. We are a party of diverse interests, but our core principles are the same. We should all be working together for better government and a better America.”

Cam then requested our readers to visit his website HERE to learn more about his record and his plan for the future here in Fauquier.





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  2. rickbuchanan Reply

    March 3, 2014 at 12:46 pm

    Where have you been, LFOD? We have all missed your misguided, caustic comments.

  3. Live free or die Reply

    March 2, 2014 at 7:20 pm

    another RINO seeking high office. How grand.

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