The Tea Party is Suiting Up

by Rick Buchanan

As a Tea Party conservative, I have watched as many of our ranks have been viciously attacked from both the Left and the “so-called” Right. I am not one who would normally promote lawsuits as the desired means to obtain fair and equal treatment under the law, but these are times that defy normality.

That being said, I am proud to announce here two lawsuits being brought against political bullies.

Fauquier County’s own Martha Boneta, a Tea Party favorite across the entire state of Virginia and Fred Gruber, newly elected Chairman of the 7th District Republican Committee and Tea Party leader from Louisa County, have had enough and are fighting back. But before I get into their stories, a brief review of the assault being waged against the Tea Party and their friends is in order.

true_the_voteOn the Left, the Obama Administration has led the charge using the IRS and the DOJ as their ramming tools, bludgeoning anyone who sides with either Tea Party groups, religious conservative groups or even those who are just seeking honest election practices. It is pure evil that illegally uses the forces of an all-too-powerful government to stifle the freedom to express political opinion. Since the DOJ and the FBI have been complicit in, and unwilling to, investigate the corruption that exists in this administration, the only means available to these groups is the judicial system, which several group are employing successfully to get at the truth.

On the “so called” Right, the attacks against Tea Party Conservatives have become commonplace. It seems the “Ruling Class” Republicans now see the only way to win in-party elections is to either bring in Democrats to get themselves elected or spread vicious lies about their opponents. Both of these techniques were used in the recent Mississippi Republican Senate Primary election by Thad Cochran (Ruling Class Republican) against Chris McDaniel (Tea Party favorite). Here in Virginia, similar tactics were used by “Establishment” Republicans in Fauquier County and Campbell County in-party elections. You can find the details here and here.

Author’s note: Nothing is more personally affronting as when someone who claims to be on your own political side of the aisle spreads nasty lies about an associate vying for office. This is, in this writer’s opinion, the lowest of lows. Then after these elections, the cries go out for all of us to “work together” against our common opponent, the Democrats.

Question: If the Democrats are the opponents of Republicans, then why give them a voice in Republican elections???

pec_logoOne of the groups largely funded by Democrats whose members were invited in to vote in the Fauquier County Republican election is the Piedmont Environmental Council (PEC). In an article just posted by Kevin Mooney of “The Daily Signal”, Mooney reports the PEC “stands accused of colluding with government officials and real estate moguls to force a local farmer into selling a highly coveted parcel of land.” That farmer is none other than Martha Boneta. Her story is well known to most residents of Fauquier County. Her willingness to fight for her personal and property rights has made her a celebrity in Tea Party circles across Virginia. I invite you to read more of this ongoing lawsuit here.

Then, for more on the lowest of lows, let’s turn our attention to the now decided race between Lynwood Cobb, a long-time member of the “Ruling Class” in the 7th District, and the relative unknown Tea Party challenger, Fred Gruber. After stepping up to pay the confiscatory filing fee of $5,000.00 to run against Lynwood Cobb, Fred came under withering attack from the “Establishment”.

Tom_GearOne of Gruber’s detractors was former State Delegate Tom Gear. In an article written in the Bull Elephant, it is revealed that Gear “posted on his website assertions that Gruber was partaking of the services of a pornographic ‘dating’ website, with the clear insinuation that Gruber was engaging in what Gear calls ‘tawdry’ activities.” An in-depth analysis of this smear technique is discussed here.

Now Seventh District GOP Chairman Fred Gruber has filed a defamation lawsuit against former Hampton Delegate Tom Gear, seeking actual and punitive damages of $1 million. I invite you to read Bull Elephant’s entire article here.

So it is that the forces of evil are being engaged by ordinary folks who have “had enough” of business as usual. It must be that the words of 18th century statesman and philosopher Edmund Burke  are being heeded:

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”




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  1. Mary Leedom Reply

    August 19, 2014 at 12:22 pm

    Thank you for this article and update! It’s tough out here in Republican Land, where you have to protect your back at all costs, because you are a Tea Party activist and that makes you to “right”????

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