Tractor Ron is not your average Fauquier Joe

tractor_ronAn “average joe”, calling himself “Tractor Ron”, wrote to comment on an article titled “Jim Riley at Virtucon Brings the Hammer Down on Fauquier Appeal” on The Bull Elephant on August 12th.

He considers himself a representative of “the average, working class, Republican in the County.” He also believes that behind Fauquier’s recent “lows in local level politics” are the “same handful of misguided individuals.”

As an average joe myself, and much like Tractor Ron also a “happy family man”, “active in my community”, etc., I can understand his sentiment.

I too was an average joe when Fauquier County “investigated” my family to determine whether it was illegal for our kids to play in the

I was an average joe when a “friendly” neighbor called the cops because one of our girls was talking to another (friendlier) neighbor.

average_joe_2I was an average joe when a Fauquier County zoning inspector came to count our backyard chicken flock–multiple times, to see if we were within a county imposed limit that would prevent me from feeding my family solely from our flock.

I was an average joe when the county zoning official told us we could only have one chicken coop, not two or three, on our property, in spite the zoning ordinance allowance for “coops”.

I was an average joe when a Fauquier County official told me that they had the right to come onto our property to inspect it any time
they wished, in apparent violation of our fourth amendment rights.

I was an average joe too when the county issued us a summons following a slanderous complaint that we had violated Fauquier County’s noise ordinance. An ordinance that, upon inspection, turned out to be quite unconstitutional.

I was an average joe when I was forced to find a lawyer to defend myself against Fauquier County’s unlawful actions.

average_joe_1As an average joe, I was once asleep to what was going on in our county. I have now woken up and taken a look around. I don’t like what I see. What I see is a lawless county government, unconstrained by either ethics or state law. What I see is a problem that needs everyone’s attention.

As an average joe, I was offended to discover that this county believes I cannot engage in any new business without getting permission from the government. I used to believe that Americans had something special
called “liberty” and “freedom”.
As an average joe, I was offended when I discovered that our county believed they could regulate birthday parties. I thought our
constitution guaranteed the right of citizens to “peaceably assemble”. Yet, when the BoS was questioned about this, they did
not back down.

As an average joe, I was offended when our county demonstrated that they did not believe state law limited their actions.

average_joe_3As an average joe, I was offended when I started to read the county, and even state and federal, codes to discover the many freedoms and liberties that my forefathers once had which have since been lost.

What I find on the Fauquier Free Citizen are others who have also recognized these problems. Many of these good citizens are also average joe’s who have dedicated their spare time to bringing these issues to light on the Fauquier Free Citizen. Some of them were forced, like I was, out of their ignorance to confront this lawless government.

Perhaps we should reflect that those patriots who forged this nation were also average joe’s at one time too.

Let us thank our God that true patriotism didn’t die with our forefathers.

Thank you, Fauquier Free Citizen for helping the citizens of our county draw attention to these issues.

Your average joe friend,

Dan                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Warrenton




2 Responses to Tractor Ron is not your average Fauquier Joe

  1. Mike hawkins Reply

    August 21, 2014 at 8:13 pm

    That pretty much sums it up of how it goes in Fauquier!

  2. Terry Bigmac Reply

    August 21, 2014 at 6:47 pm

    What a load of cow bio solids! If you don’t like it move to Culpeper.

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