We Are Fauquier

Citizens of Fauquier County have created the Fauquier Free Citizen.  It is a news site, but it is more.  It is where Fauquier citizens can report abuses and violations of law by Fauquier County government officials.

FFC is a site where you can take action and actually do something about the problems with Fauquier government.  We’ll have polls and petitions.  You can help create the news by reporting leads and tips, or submitting your own articles and editorials even under pen names.  Oh, and you can submit recipes, tips on farming, and share other items of interest for your fellow Fauquierites.

We won’t just shove news at you, and we won’t give cover for Fauquier government officials.  We know Fauquier officials will be reading our site.  They can’t afford not to.

Visit our site, sign up for weekly updates, and tell others in the community about us.  Together we’ll put Fauquier citizens back in charge.



2 Responses to We Are Fauquier

  1. William F. Hines Reply

    December 12, 2012 at 3:12 pm

    who needs more taxes and reg’s or in plan talk who needs democrats.

  2. Mike Hawkins Reply

    November 26, 2012 at 1:45 am

    Fauquier County officials need to grow up and stop being bullies in the community and the head administrators need to grow some balls and fire the trouble makers that are infringing on our civil rights and being careless with our tax dollars fighting the same people that basically make their pay check possible this has gotten totally out of hand with nobody standing up to have these people removed from office.

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