“You Lie!”

By Michael Giere

“Lying – let’s call it what it really is – is becoming the default process by which everything coming out of Washington is now designed and implemented. And, sadly, it’s becoming a bipartisan way of doing business.”

“You lie!” was the phrase made famous by South Carolina Congressman Joe Wilson during the 2009 State of the Union message. His frustration bubbled over as the President continually “misrepresented” the truth about his proposed Affordable Health Care Act, or Obamacare.

Mr. Wilson proved correct, of course. The President was lying.

Here we go again; our elected leaders are simply lying to us about the proposed Border Security, Economic Opportunity, and Immigration Modernization Act, known as “comprehensive immigration reform,” which they are trying to ram through the Congress in expectation that American’s are too stupid to know what the game is now.

The worst thing – among all the bad things – about this legislation is that it is deliberately deceitful and designed to hoodwink the citizens who have to live with the terrible and predictable consequences of this train wreck.

Lying – let’s call it what it really is – is becoming the default process by which everything coming out of Washington is now designed and implemented. And, sadly, it’s becoming a bipartisan way of doing business.

We’ve had Obamacare; a 3,000 page wreaking ball that no one in Congress bothered to read that is now crashing through the economy, already dramatically increasing costs and negatively impacting the health care system all at the same time. Nothing – not one thing – the Congress or the President told us about Obamacare before it was passed has proven to be even remotely true; we were lied to.

We’ve had Dodd-Frank financial reform; over 2,300 pages that no one in Congress bothered to read that now codifies to-big-to-fail as policy by proxy, creates a handful of national mega-banks, reeks of crony-capitalism and corruption, and is largely run out of the Federal Reserve, safe from Congressional oversight. It will change your financial world for years to come – for the worse. Again, not one thing presented by the Congress or the President about this economic albatross has proven to be true; we were lied to.

What else could go wrong, right? Meet “comprehensive immigration reform.”

Now pending in the Senate, S744 in its current version is over a 1,000 pages and obviously there aren’t ten members of Congress who have read it.

Its presentation and the defense of this bill by the “gang of eight” is simply dishonest; and sadly, where there were no Republican votes supporting Obamacare and Dodd-Frank, there is a whole cabal of Republicans, self-styled conservatives, and herds of lobbyists and “experts” who have climbed on board the amnesty express.

But, fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me. Let’s look back at some history. The last comprehensive immigration bill, the Immigration and Control Act of 1986, or Simpson-Mazzoli, has been a total disaster by any standard, and the arguments and remedies advanced by Simpson-Mazzoli are striking because they are virtually identical to the current debate on comprehensive immigration reform.

Simpson-Mazzoli was a gigantic failure because it was precedent, but also because it was never intended to do anything but open the floodgates of immigration – which it did.

This is a self-evident fact because after 3 million illegal aliens were granted amnesty in 1986, today we have 11, 15, 20 (who knows?) million more illegal aliens in the country – all after the border was supposed to be sealed.

Further, since Simpson-Mazzoli placed employer sanctions on hiring, it also ushered in the era of the “sub-contractor” to escape the processes the legislation required for regular wage earners. Not only did this dramatically lower wages in the construction and service industries, it incentivized all businesses to chase lower labor costs to keep up with new dynamic that cheap foreign labor introduced into the business climate. Instead of attracting higher skilled labor into the country, the reality became just the opposite as millions of largely illiterate and unskilled workers poured into the U.S.

Déjà vu all over again as Yogi Berra said – the same mistakes compounded many times over are at hand.

Foremost, not only is this new legislation clearly amnesty – legal forgiveness for deliberately breaking the law – it also insures that quota and chain migration will potentially add upwards of fifty million residents to our population in the span of a few years, at a time when unemployment and underemployment is nearly 15%, with little sign that we can reverse that number at least in the near-term.

Worse still, between quotas and chain migration there will not really be any legal brakes whatsoever on immigration, illegal or otherwise. America will never again be in control of its own destiny – that will depend on what millions of new citizens, with no real personal investment in the American story, say it will be.

Much has already been written about the outright doubletalk and the grab bag of goodies buried in the 1,000 pages; but several items should especially concern taxpayers. One, is that the government will outsource to community activists – think ACORN here – the role of guiding the newly arrived onto and down the “pathway” to citizenship, and help them reach the “goals” that are supposedly going to be put in place to insure they do all the things the reform says they should do. In essence, the money, responsibility and the power of government will be turned over to the most radical elements in our society to decide how this all works out! Now, how do we think that will work out?

Also buried in the legislation is the creation of a national committee formed with the nation’s 10 largest community groups that will be charged with rewriting “citizenship” guides. Prior to the last thirty years, citizenship has always had a special and prized place in the nation’s ethos. What it is to be a free American, and the uniqueness of that relationship to each other and to the government we establish, stands on its own in history. But in this “reform” it is to be rewritten by the very advocates that have shaped, in some large measure, both Simpson-Mazzoli and this new legislation.

In the debate over immigration – the deliberate parsing of the language and the dishonesty in the presentation of the legislation – there is a huge question left for regular Americans. Is this the new normal? Huge, massive, bills put together mysteriously in the bowels of the Congress, pushed out into the public with a few months fanfare, and little real debate, and with no apparent recourse when it becomes obvious that the legislation was simply a hodgepodge of lies and half-truths? What exactly does that do to our country, when the citizens that empower the legislature are slyly fenced out of the decision?

And finally, it leaves an even larger question: who speaks for normal, taxpaying, hard working Americans in all of this? We know who speaks for the powerful, the connected and the permanent government – but who speaks for us?




Mike Giere has written extensively on politics, foreign policy, and issues of faith. He is a former candidate for the US House; worked for Ronald Reagan in 76 & 80; and served in both the Reagan and Bush (41) Administrations.






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  1. Madge Eicher Reply

    June 28, 2013 at 11:08 am

    Politicians lie to get elected. Once in office, their Main priority is to get reelected. They then lie about their votes and issues. The sad reason that this goes on without them being disgraced for lying is that the American people are uninformed and apathetic. America watches television and think the media is telling them what happened. The media tells them what the media wants them to think. When Americans begin to think for themselves and tell elected officials in no uncertain terms, that they have lied and lost their honor, things can change. If America continues to allow government officials lie with immunity, we will go the way of other nations in history. Hitler led Germans to burn their books and into destruction. Wake up America and speak out. Madge Eicher

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